952. Massachusetts Centinel, 5 November 17881

The ANTIFEDERALISTS, alias AMENDMENTITES, may fitly be compared to the Israelitish Spies, who brought up an evil report of the land of Canaan—The VIGOUR and ENERGY of the System, which will undoubtedly destroy the spirit of Anarchy and Confusion, Roguery, Paper Money, and Tender Laws, are the GIANTS, the sons of Anak, which these traitors saw.

The Continental system being adopted, the friends of America anticipate the blessings of GOOD GOVERNMENT from its administration—pray Heaven, they may not be disappointed—but the leaven of antifederalism is still fermenting, and under the cloak of amendments, their may be danger of introducing characters into the Federal Legislature, who may by their incompetency to great objects, and their little, mischievous talents at embarrassing what they do not understand, so far defeat our just expectations, as to sanction the declamations of the enemies to the system.—For, reasoning from experience, the people may very easily be persuaded to think the Constitution a bad one, should they fail to realize the advantages from it, which its advocates, have so sanguinely predicted.

1. Reprinted: Pennsylvania Packet, 18 November; Pennsylvania Journal, 19 November.