953. Amaziah
Massachusetts Centinel, 5 November 1788


The Knight of la Mancha, who so nobly displayed his prowess on an inoffensive fellow-mortal, in the Gazette, is desired to recollect, that was any one inclined to attack him, his own castle is not impregnable. However, go on, thou Knight of the Woful Countenance—dip thy lance in the pool of scurrility—arm thyself with all the thread-bare jests, which long have disgraced Jo. Miller—and under the cover of thy own insignificance, brandish thy goose-quill—and dare the world to single combat!—Thou mayst safely do it—for there is no one who would wish to “wage war with dirt”—and when tired of thy attacks, retire to that oblivion, from which, to disgrace mankind, the demons of insurrection, antifederalism and impiety, called thee forth.