954. Massachusetts Centinel, 15 November 1788


THE SHIP CONSTITUTION, the property of the United States, being now completely fitted for her voyage, is taking in her complement of hands. The crew is ordered to consist of picked men from all the States—and we hear some have been entered on the ship’s books, as in the States of Pennsylvania, Delaware and Connecticut—Several others are now debating upon the best methods of selecting their quota—and it is said the business meets with opposition from certain fresh water sailors—who pretending to be dissatisfied with her workmonship, are strenuous for having her overhauled before sailing. Some of these are your cabin-window gentry, who without the smallest pretensions to seamanship are pushing for appointments on board.

These fellows pretend to great concern for the FREIGHT, which the people mean to risk on the voyage—but it is hoped that they will be disappointed in their schemes of procrastination—as the owners are fully satisfied that success depends as much upon her sailing in good season, as in the qualifications of the crew.

One of the EASTERN STATES, which has always been distinguished for its nautical abilities—and abounding in able seamen—and which is very hearty in prosecuting the voyage, having as much, or more than any other State depending—has been greatly thwarted in her attempts to turn out her proportion of sailors.—But the embarrassments are nearly surmounted, and as this opposition may be considered as “the struggles of an expiring faction” of luke-warm federalists and seekers, it is not so much to be wondered at.

The CAPTAIN who is already elected in the resolution of every well-wisher to the voyage, possesses such professional talents as (under Providence) will render all insurance unnecessary; especially, as to his abilities—the owners are determined to add as Chief Mate, those of another experienced navigator—who when commanding the PEACE, a FIRST-RATE SHIP, piloted her with consummate skill and address, through obstacles insurmountable to common minds, into a safe and secure harbour.

The crew in general, from the specimens in those already entered, there is every reason to suppose, will consist of a complete set of staunch and federal seamen.=qm(Tom. Bowlines Marine-List.)