955. Henry Van Schaack to Peter Van Schaack
Pittsfield, 16 November 1788 (excerpt)1

Dear Peter

… Our General Court is now in session—The Senate have resolved that the Electors for the President of the United States should be appointed by the Legislature—The Concurrence of the lower house to this measure is expected to take place—

The Candidates for a Seat in the Senate are Caleb Strong Judge Dana Samuel Adams Theodore Sedgwick and Rufus King—Who will succeed it is difficult to determine—The two former it is expected will be chosen—No other business of importance has been brought forward—This Session will be short it is apprehended because our Thanksgiving is appointed to be on the 27 Instant—so that the Senate and Assembly will be prorogued in Season for the Members to be with their families before that day.—The Governor has taken no notice of the New General Government in his Proclamation 'though he mentioned the State Governments. This occasions some Speculation—Perhaps he is miffed that he is not mentioned for Vice president—John Adams is generally spoken of for that high Station—I am sorry for this; because I believe that when the discussion of the New Constitution was on the Carpet last winter in Convention his Excellency was led into a belief that he would be the person to be held up.—So much for politics—Good night Yours very Affectionately …

1. RC, Van Schaack Family Collection, NNC.