957. Joseph Willard to Richard Price
Cambridge, 19 November 1788 (excerpt)1

… I am pleased to find that you are so far satisfied with our new federal Constitution. Eleven of the States have adopted it and the general Government is to be organized the next March. It is to be hoped that this new Government will have more energy than the old; and indeed it is so constituted that I think it must necessarily be the case. It is impossible that we should be a flourishing people or have national distinction if we should continue to go on as we have done since the conclusion of the war which established our independence. Recommendations may do in times of danger; but seldom is it that they will have the efficacy of laws in a time of peace.—Several of the State Conventions have recommended alterations. Some of them, if adopted, would, it is probable, improve the Constitution; and I think it likely that this will after a while take place. …

1. RC, Price Papers, American Philosphical Society, Philadelphia.