959. A Federalist
Massachusetts Centinel, 26 November 1788


Aristocracy, detested Aristocracy, Gun-Powder, Treason and Plot.”

ROUSE! ROUSE! my Brethren from your lethargy, and dissipate, while it is yet in your power, the heavy cloud which is now ready to burst on your devoted heads—Come forth, some American Hercules, and slay the HYDRA FACTION—the terrible Monster, which is about to destroy the GOLDEN rights of Freemen.

There is now, my friends, coalesced through this extensive Continent, an Aristocratical, dreadful JUNTO, which has for its object its own preferment and sovereignty, at the expense of your just and well earned privileges that are to be stolen and wrested from you, unless in due season you exert yourselves, and nip in the bud this deadly party—No more ye worthy Mechanicks, the pride and glory of Columbia, will ye have the darling satisfaction of laying down your axes and chizzels at the joyful sound of the bell, to raise your manly voices, and nervous arm, in favour of the men of your choice, to represent you—but by this CABAL, are you to be moved about like the machines which you ingeniously form.

This JUNTO, my fellow-citizens, consists of the wisest and most able men in the country, and therefore is particularly dangerous—for would it not be better to put an ignorant Sailor at the helm of a Ship, than an experienced Seaman and good Navigators? As although the latter could steer a right course, he might (having superiour knowledge) steer any way he pleased, and contrary to our wishes.

The honest, upright, and wise Statesmen, whose councils directed the happy plans of the late Revolution—The unrivalled Heroes, who fought and bled in your cause—And the eminent politicians, who formed the new unparralleled Constitution of Government, which YOU have lately adopted, and which THEY are determined to support, are all of this fatal, cabalistical OLIGARCHY.—

For Heaven’s sake then, Brethren, bestir yourselves—extirpate this wicked, execrable set, and promote in its stead, all the ignorant and antifederal men among you—Then, and not until then, will you enjoy Freedom, Independence and Happiness.