962. Massachusetts Centinel, 6 December 17881

The subject of dispute, between the JUNTO and the friends to government, the Federalists, is merely this—Whether the “TOP STONE” of the New Constitution, “shall be brought forth with shouting,” by its complete organization in a truly federal and independent Representation—Or, whether the publick expectations shall be completely disappointed by mixing the “wood, hay, stubble, &c.” of antifederalism and amendmenttism in the formation of the Federal Legislature.—The FRIENDS OF THE UNION, suppose that an unequivocal federal Representation will consummate the wishes of the people: that on the other hand, should some characters be successful in their MANŒUVRING, the hopes of the people will be blasted, while the LOAVES AND THE FISHES will be found insufficient to satisfy a numerous and hungry train of dependents, expectants and seekers.

1. Reprinted: Pennsylvania Gazette, 17 December.