968. Antilocalis
Massachusetts Centinel, 27 December 1788

MR. RUSSELL, It appears by the speech of Gov. CLINTON, that a suspension to the exercise of “different powers,” under the Federal Constitution is expected by the Antifederalists of that State, until it undergoes a REVISION by a new general Convention.—This Speech, among a thousand other evidences of a similar nature, sufficiently developes the latent hopes and designs of the antifederal sticklers for amendments: It now fully appears, that a continuance of our present deranged, humiliated situation, is their object; for if the Constitution, through their artifices, can be set afloat upon the boundless sea of a DIVIDED, ANTIFEDERAL CONVENTION, they know it will be totally wrecked and lost.—A loud call this to this federal Commonwealth, to be particularly attentive to the characters they may send to the Federal Legislature, at this truly important crisis! and as there is a certainty, that the elections will not be completed in several of the districts in the first instance—if any antifederal, or suspicious characters, have obtained a plurality of votes, their country, and every thing they hold dear, call upon the Federal Electors, to “TURN OUT” and exert themselves, to prevent such candidates from obtaining a final election.

The LOCAL and SELFISH ideas contained in the above speech, betray its motives most glaringly—and evince that the “LOAVES AND FISHES” of that State, are of more consequence to those who are fattening upon them, than the peace, honour, and happiness of all America beside.

The Federal Constitution is our polar Star—by that let us shape our course: Its free operation alone, can enable us to form a true estimate of its worth—“THE CONFIDENCE AND GOOD WILL OF THE PEOPLE” cannot in the nature of things, be antecedent to a fair experiment—that will ascertain its congeniality to our ideas and habits—and in that way only can we rationally determine its pernicious or salutary nature and influence.