972. Massachusetts Centinel, 28 February 1789

From a correspondent.

Notwithstanding the insinuations and charges which the lovers of anarchy have made against the federalists of being advocates for an aristocracy, &c. it is well known that on the subject of the federal Constitution the federalists have had but one opinion and determination; and this has been to oppose every idea of having amendments sought for, previous to the Constitution’s being put in operation; and to seek for such as may appear to be necessary to the assembled wisdom of the continent, in the mode pointed out in the 5th art. of the Constitution. Under the smiles of Divine Providence, their first object has been happily accomplished—and on Wednesday next the Constitution will be put into operation. The federalists will now, in the prosecution of their original determination, examine the objections made to the Constitution—strip them of their fallacy—and where it appears that the rights of the people can be better secured; and the government not rendered inefficient, they will, without doubt, pursue all reasonable methods to effect the security. And it is to be wished, that that overruling Providence, which has so far smiled on the exertions of the federalists, will still smile on and approve of THEIR DETERMINATION TO PROMOTE THE BEST INTERESTS AND MOST LASTING GOOD OF THE PEOPLE.