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Roster of Wisconsin Volunteers, War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865

How to Search the Online Roster of Wisconsin Volunteers

Search the Online Roster

  1. Print this page so that you will have a copy of these instructions handy.
    If you are interested in ordering copies of Wisconsin Civil War Service Records, you will also need paper and pencil to record your findings.
    Note: We cannot fill copy requests for individuals who do not appear in these indexes.
  2. The online Roster has two volumes, the Alphabetical Index and the Regimental Listings
  3. Search the Alphabetical Index
    • Make a list of all potential matches. A soldier who served in more than one regiment or company may be listed multiple times.
    • Note the exact spelling of each soldier's name, his rank, regiment and company. This information is required to submit a copy request.
    • Start on the Search the Roster page, click on "Search the Alphabetical Index" link. Read and follow the navigational instructions given.

  4. Search the Regimental Listings
    • Use the pull-down navigational menu at the top of the alphabetical roster page to view the regiment and company of each potential match. Regiments are listed numerically in the original order of the book: Cavalry, Light Artillery, Heavy Artillery, Infantry, and Special Regiments.
    • Names of soldiers in this Regimental Listing may be spelled slightly differently than in the Alphabetical Index.
    • Use the information in the Residence, Date (of enlistment) and Remarks columns to eliminate unlikely matches.
    • For any remaining match(es), note the following information, necessary to complete the online request form. Please record any text found in the Remarks column, in the Notes field of the online form. Categories marked with an * asterisk are required.
      * Soldier First/Middle Name:
      * Soldier Last Name:
      * Rank:
      * Regiment and Company:
      Enlistment Month:
      Enlistment Year:

    Usage Notes

    • The images from the Rosters are best viewed at a resolution of 800x600 or higher. Monitors set to a lower resolution will require some scrolling from left to right to read the entire image.
    • Adobe Acrobat is required to print single page images.
    • This resource requires a browser that is capable of displaying frames. This includes all Netscape browsers and Internet Explorer 3.0 and above.

    Note: If you are interested in obtaining copies of the more detailed records the Roster is based upon, click the "Order Wisconsin Civil War Service Records" link at the top or bottom of this page.

    Research Tips for the Online Roster

    How to Conduct a Complete Search of the Roster

    1. Check all of the variant spellings of the soldier's name;
    2. Check the Errata page for changes made after the book was published;
    3. Check the handwritten additions located on the first two pages of Alphabetical Index volume.

    List of Common Abbreviations Used in the Roster
    If you do not know what the abbreviations mean on the page you are viewing, check the list of common abbreviations used in Civil War Rosters.

    Reorganized Regiments
    Some Regiments were reorganized and companies were changed or new companies created. Information about reorganized Regiments is located on the first page of the Regiment as a footnote.  For example, see the 16th Regiment Infantry

    Errors in the Roster
    You may discover errors or inconsistencies in the Civil War records you see here. They occur because the Roster of Wisconsin Volunteers on the Society's Web site appear exactly as they were published in 1886 and 1914. Those original volumes were based upon handwritten records created during the Civil War itself. Errors in spellings of names and inconsistencies for dates of service inevitably appear because of clerical errors in the original documents, the difficulty of reading written records that were created in haste, and errors in transcription when the publication was compiled. Errors and inconsistencies appear in all such records--passenger lists, the U.S. census, and so forth.

    If you do not find the person you seek under one spelling of a name, please check alternate spellings or even under names that sound alike but are not spelled similarly.

    We regret that we do not have the ability to change the documents to correct any errors and inconsistencies that you may spot.

    Order a Wisconsin Civil War Service Record
    If you've found your Wisconsin Civil War soldier, order a copy of his Wisconsin Civil War Service Record from the from the Wisconsin Genealogical Research Service.

    How to Find More Information About Wisconsin's Civil War Soldiers
    The Society's Library and Archives have extensive Civil War resources available for research. These resources are not online but can be accessed by visiting the Library and/or Archives at the Society headquarters in Madison. For information on collections and services, visit the Library and Archives Reference Web sites. You may also call the Society's Reference Desk at 608-264-6535

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