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2005: Places Worth Preserving

Greendale City Hall
Greendale Historic District

  • Adelman, Albert and Edith, House, Fox Point, Milwaukee
    Noted architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed this home for the Adelman family in 1948. More Information
  • Appomattox Shipwreck, Shorewood, Milwaukee County
    This highly intact shipwreck was the largest wooden steam bulk freighter ever to ply the Great Lakes. More Information
  • Big Sand Lake Club, Town of Phelps, Vilas County
    Built as a Northwoods escape for wealthy Chicago businessmen, the club was known in the 1920s as one of the finest resort retreats in the Midwest. More Information
  • Copper Falls State Park, Town of Morse, Ashland County
    The state of Wisconsin purchased the initial acreage for this state park in 1929. Between 1935 and 1941, through the federal CCC and WPA programs, the park was improved with buildings, bridges, scenic trails, and reforestation.
  • Freitag Homestead, Town of Washington, Green County
    This property has been the home of the Freitag family and their descendants since 1869. That same year, Nikolaus Gerber started the first Swiss cheese factory in Wisconsin at the Freitag farm. More Information
  • Greendale Historic District, Greendale, Milwaukee County
    Greendale is one of three "greenbelt towns" built by the federal government during the Great Depression. This planned community reflects the influence of the English Garden City model on American town planning. More Information
  • Nohl, Mary, Art Environment, Fox Point, Milwaukee County
    Artist Mary Nohl transformed her family home into a unique art environment using concrete, stone, wood, and found and used objects. More Information
  • Northwestern Branch, National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers Historic District, Milwaukee, Milwaukee County
    Designated in 1866 as one of three branches of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, the Northwestern Branch in Milwaukee has served the needs of veterans since 1867. More Information
  • White Potato Lake Garden Beds Site
    These intact garden beds tell the story of pre-contact agricultural practices and may yield scientific data on early plant species. More Information
  • Wisconsin Concrete Park
    Between 1948 and 1964, retired lumberjack Fred Smith transformed his home and adjacent tavern property with sculptural groupings depicting people, animals and events from local, regional and national history. More Information
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