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2005: Websites Worth Clicking

  • Center for History and New Media
    A portal of history projects and a listing of the resources it takes to put significant projects together.
  • Papers of George Washington
    A collection of primary sources like letters, diaries and documents Washington wrote himself as well wide swaths of material written about America's first president, from his ear for music to his wooden teeth and infertility.
  • Historical Census Browser
    1790-1960 Census data you can query in a million different ways. Not easy, but a treasure trove of primary source goodness.
  • Common-Place
    A place for exploring and exchanging ideas about early American history and culture. Easier to read than a journal, but with historical gravitas, nonetheless.
  • Jim Crow Museum
    Objects of racial segregation and civil rights like caricatures and cartoons that made Jim Crow seem so normal at the time.
  • Feeding America
    Cookbooks from the 18th century and beyond. From The Cook Not Mad (a scientific/rational cookbook ... a 19th-century Alton Brown) to The Ideal Bartender from 1917.
  • Dead or Alive?
    Is Abe Vigoda dead or alive? What about Michael Debakey? Or Aaron Copeland? Find out here!
  • DoHistory
    How to piece together the past from the fragments left behind.
  • Popular Songs in American History
    While you probably won't hear The Bailiff's Daughter of Islington sung on American Idol, you will find drinking songs, ballads, tales of murder and songs of love. Complete with lyrics to read as your hear the songs played for you.
  • Early Wisconsin Artists from the West Bend Art Museum
    An encyclopedia of early Wisconsin artists from Alexander Marquis (1829-1884) to Susan Frackelton (1851-1932).

Other Great Online History Resources:

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