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National History Day in Wisconsin banner.

National History Day 2002 National Finalists

The following students were recognized as national finalists at the Wisconsin History Day State Event held on April 27, 2002 at the Wisconsin Historical Society in Madison. They represented Wisconsin at the national contest June 9-13, 2002 at the University of Maryland - College Park campus.

Each finalist designs their entry to reflect the annual theme. The entries below reflect the annual theme for 2002: Revolution, Reaction, Reform in History.

Student name(s)

Project Title


Junior Papers

Emily Fiocco

Malcolm X: Transforming the Black Revolution

Lincoln Middle School

Elise Dihlmann-Malzer

Unitarian Universalist Activism in the American Civil Rights Movement

Lincoln Middle School

Senior Papers

Sara Wanless

Roosevelt's Civilian Conservation Corps: Despair to Deliverance

D.C. Everest High School

Quinn Ruff

The Civil War: Through the Eye of the Camera

LaCrosse Central High School

Junior Individual Exhibits

Eva Wintersteen

Title IX


Andrew Lawrence

Nikola Tesla: An AC Revolutionary

D.C. Everest Jr. High School

Junior Group Exhibits

Maxfield Wollam-Fisher, Adam Shaw

John Glenn: A Reaction to the Soviet Union


Keiley Brzezinski, Mindy Van Galder

Jane Addams: Hull House

D.C. Everest Jr. High School

Senior Individual Exhibits

Gregory Dihlmann-Malzer

Through the Mountains and Over Rivers: The Story of the Transcontinental Railroad

LaCrosse Central High School

Shanna Hansen

The Rise and Fall of the Berlin Wall

D.C. Everest High School

Senior Group Exhibits

Philip Beck, Melissa Beck

Sit-in' for a Change: The Greensboro Sit-Ins Sparking a Revolution

D.C. Everest High School

Jenna Hazaert, Nicole Berry

Japanese Interment Camps

D.C. Everest High School

Junior Individual Performances

Maureen Dedo

Reacting to Segregation: The Story of Rosa Parks

D.C. Everest Jr. High School

Ashley E. Vokral

Janet Jennings: A Revolutionary in Nursing

D.C. Everest Jr. High School

Junior Group Performances

Jacqueline Daly, Lindsey Reimann

A Silent Education: A Revolution of the Wisconsin School for the Deaf

D.C. Everest Jr. High School

Karlee Shaw, Leah Sherfinski

Sons of Liberty: Revolutionaries of the 13 Colonies

D.C. Everest Jr. High School

Senior Individual Performances

Melissa Milligan

The War

Shawano Community High School

Ann Rastl

Katharine Graham

D.C. Everest High School

Senior Group Performances

Emily Brandau, Kelly Ameson

Walt Disney: A Revolution in Animation and Imagination

LaCrosse Central High School

Kristina Burrows, Sally Merckz, Kim Anderson

The Revolution of 1848

D.C. Everest High School

Junior Individual Documentaries

Ryan Prochaska

The Bombing of Sterling Hall: The Death of the Peace Movement

D.C. Everest Junior High School

Bailey Padesky

The Newsboys Strike of 1899: A Revolution in Child Labor Laws


Junior Group Documentaries

Kalia Moua, Soua Vang, Terresa Xiong

"Secrets Between the Jungle" The Revolution and Reaction of Hmong in the Vietnam War

D.C. Everest Jr. High School

Brittany Kluz, Jackie Bieszk

A Teacher, An Agent, An Angel to Her State-The Life of Cordelia Harvey

D.C. Everest Jr. High School

Senior Individual Documentaries

Jessica Dabler

The Anti-War Movement: A Reaction to the Vietnam War

D.C. Everest High School

Scott Schippers

Malcolm X: A Man that Fought for His People

D.C. Everest High School

Senior Group Documentaries

Amber Esch, Jackie Gierczak

Revolution to Reaction: Iranian Hostage Crisis

D.C. Everest High School

David Fiocco, Peter Ruud

From Cabins to Castles: The Great American Motel

LaCrosse Central High School

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