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National History Day in Wisconsin banner.

National History Day 2013 National Finalists

We are proud to announce the national finalists and honorable mentions for the 2013 Wisconsin History Day State Event held on May 4, 2013. The national finalists will represent Wisconsin at the national contest on June 9-13, 2013, at the University of Maryland-College Park.

The first and second alternate in each category are offered the opportunity to attend the national contest in the event that the finalist entry is unable to attend.

Each finalist designs their entry to reflect the annual theme. The entries below reflect the annual theme for 2013: "Turning Points in History: People, Ideas, Events."


Student Name(s)

Project Title


Junior Papers

National Finalist:
Amber Nelson

Bernard Rimland: Fighting for Understanding Ladysmith Middle School, Ladysmith
National Finalist:
Anshul Bhatnagar
We Took the Highways and That Has Made All the Difference University School of Milwaukee, Milwaukee
1st Honorable Mention:
Kelsey Koelbl
The Little Rock Nine Crisis: A Turning Point that Changed our Nation's Education Holmen Middle School, Holmen
2nd Honorable Mention:
Katie Feuerstein
An Empire Executed University School of Milwaukee, Milwaukee
Senior Papers
National Finalist:
Sarah Abramson
Sputnik: The Satellite that Changed the World Durand High School, Durand
National Finalist:
Tristen Hallock
The Louisiana Purchase: Beginning of the Manfiest Destiny Hylandale SDA School, Rockland
1st Honorable Mention:
Alex Gumz
Sputnik and the Effects on the Cold War and Humanity Onalaska High School, Onalaska
2nd Honorable Mention:
Sophia Intravaia
Changes Due to the Entrance of the United States into WWI North High School, Sheboygan
Junior Individual Exhibits

National Finalist:
Callie Slevin

Feigning Insanity for the Betterment of Society: Nellie Bly Lincoln Middle School, La Crosse
National Finalist:
Grace Olson
The All-American Girls Professional Baseball League Lincoln Middle School, La Crosse
1st Honorable Mention:
Charlie Fischer
Wash Your Spirit Clean: The Camping Trip that Changed the Nation Kimberly High School, Kimberly
2nd Honorable Mention:
MaKenna Hall
The 1929 Stock Market Crash: A Turning Point in History D.C. Everest High School, Schofield
3rd Honorable Mention:
Ayden Eilmus
The Polio Vaccine: Treatment for Tragedy Kohler Middle School, Kohler
4th Honorable Mention:
Claire Curtis
How Dr. Suess Stole Literature Lincoln Middle School, La Crosse
Junior Group Exhibits
National Finalists:
Alyssa Swenson
Holly Fiedler
Unsinkable, Unimaginable, Unforgettable Grantsburg Middle School, Grantsburg
National Finalists:
Lindsay West
Taylor Kust
Brittany Walker
Standing Up By Sitting Down: The Greensboro Sit-In Northstar Middle School, Eau Claire
1st Honorable Mention:
Olivia App
Jada Jacques
Ruby Bridges: Silent Steps to Greater Education Bay View Middle School, Green Bay
2nd Honorable Mention:
Abby Gastrau
Emma Hirt
Black Blizzards Richfield Elementary School, Richfield
Senior Individual Exhibits
National Finalist:
Kassidy Wuensch
From the Empty Shells Bangor High School, Bangor
National Finalist:
Jamie Weinhold
The Impact of the Printing Press on the Reformation Random Lake High School, Random Lake
1st Honorable Mention:
Katelyn Rohr
Kennedy's Promise Bonduel High School, Bonduel
2nd Honorable Mention:
Anna Girton
Theresienstadt: A Missing "Note" in History Nicolet High School, Glendale
3rd Honorable Mention:
Whitney Tomlinson
WNBA: Scoring a Turning Point for Women Durand High School, Durand
Senior Group Exhibits

National Finalists:
Chelsea Clark
Abbey Killian

Kristallnacht: From Concept to Aggression Cochrane-Fountain City Schools

National Finalists:
Jacob Sheets
Austin Schuette

The Murder of Emmett Till Cedarburg High School, Cedarburg
1st Honorable Mention:
Sydney Higgans
Susan Malony
Titanic's Impact on Maritime Regulations West High School, Madison
2nd Honorable Mention:
Josh Cook
Olivia Gregorich
Logan Bottlemy
Flight: An Inspired Innovation Greenwood High School, Greenwood

3rd Honorable Mention:
Kristi Brey
Anne Schnabel
Amanda Kent

The American Woman's Suffrage Movement Oshkosh West High School, Oshkosh
4th Honorable Mention:
Amanda Zhang
Max Golden
The Stock Market Crash of 1929 West High School, Madison
Junior Individual Performances
National Finalist:
Lily Brenner
The United States' First Birth Control Clinic- What Every Girl Should Know Lincoln Middle School, La Crosse
National Finalist:
Eliza Scholl
The Truth and Reconciliation Commision Velma Hamilton Middle School, Madison
1st Honorable Mention:
Luke Bekemeyer
Leo Szilárd: Achievement and Dispair Hudson Middle School, Hudson
2nd Honorable Mention:
Molly Wettstein
Discovering DNA: The Secret of Life: A Turning Point that Revolutionized the Genetic Sciences Holmen Middle School, Holmen
Junior Group Performances
National Finalists:
Gabrielle Every
Margaret Murphy
Title IX: Bat "Her" Up Bay View Middle School, Green Bay
National Finalists:
Natalie Sanchez
Zoe Falk
Sesame Street: Educational Turning Point St. Jude the Apostle School, Wauwatosa
1st Honorable Mention:
Chanda Yang
Houachie Hang
Eshai Yang
Women's Suffrage Holmen Middle School, Holmen
2nd Honorable Mention:
Kathryn Curtin
Rhiana Pochman
Kathryn Curtin
Rhiana Pochman
Gettysburg: A Step Towards One United Nation Grantsburg Middle School, Grantsburg
Senior Individual Performances
National Finalist:
Madeline Folstein
Prohibition's Effect on Feminism and Women's Rights Nicolet High School, Glendale
National Finalist:
Sally Kate Hixson
Happiness, Hostility, and Hope. What TVA Gave the South Whitewater High School, Whitewater
1st Honorable Mention:
Shea Tarnow
Dorothea Dix: Crusade and Memorial, Catalyst to Asylum Reform D.C. Everest High School, Schofield
2nd Honorable Mention:
Allison Litke
Jeanne d'Arc: The Maiden Who Saved France Southwest High School, Green Bay
Senior Group Performances

National Finalists:
Asmaa Ahmed
Jenna Sorenson
Sarah Rosacker

The Right to Vote, the Right to Act, The Right to Be, an Examination Onalaska High School, Onalaska
National Finalists:
Alex Dutchin
Emily Hayden
Amanda DeBoer
Waylon Alvarado
Sputnik: The Starter's Pistol to the Space Race La Crosse Central High School, La Crosse

1st Honorable Mention:
Suzanne O'Meara
Kate Scholz

Shocking the System: How Tesla Electrified America West High School, Madison

2nd Honorable Mention:
Jena Flahaut
Charles Lawson
Alona Jackson
Ben Lawson
Nick Winkie

The King James Bible: Cornerstone of the English Language Hylandale SDA School, Rockland
Junior Individual Documentaries
National Finalist:
Kristin Kiley
How 200 Ounces of Blood Changed History: The Turning Points to Safe EAGLE School, Madison
National Finalist:
Emma Smith
Rockefeller's Hookworm Commission and the Rise of Public-Private Partnerships for Health University School of Milwaukee
1st Honorable Mention:
Colleen Scerpella
The Women's Suffrage Parade of March 3, 1913 EAGLE School, Madison
2nd Honorable Mention:
Luke Moss
Jackson Pollock: Art Viewed Differently Kaleidoscope Academy, Appleton
3rd Honorable Mention:
Cayden Kirkpatrick
The Bessemer Process and It's Effects on Architecture EAGLE School, Madison
4th Honorable Mention:
Isaac Lock
The Assassination of Czar Nicholas II Onalaska Middle School, Onalaska
Junior Group Documentaries
National Finalists:
Ameya Sanyal
Sanjaya Kumar
Anna Stoneman
The Battle of Britain: The Turning Point of the Second World War EAGLE School, Madison
National Finalists:
Nora Ptacek
Avery Kuphal
Ashley Wong
The Wonder Drug Kaleidoscope Academy, Appleton
1st Honorable Mention:
Allison Boerner
Kaelin Sbrocco
The Effects of the Baby Boom Kohler Middle School, Kohler
2nd Honorable Mention:
Maddy Goethel
Zoe de Boer
The Motion Picture Onalaska Middle School, Onalaska
Senior Individual Documentaries
National Finalist:
Mike Gu
Hubble Onalaska High School, Onalaska
National Finalist:
Sarah Vetsch
Only You: Smokey Bear Ignites Forest Fire Prevention Durand High School, Durand
1st Honorable Mention:
Samantha Srok
The Stonewall Riots: Changing the Face of the Gay Rights Movement Nicolet High School, Glendale
2nd Honorable Mention:
Tabea Vohmann
Die Mauer: The Dramatic Series of Events that Led Up to the Building of the Berlin Wall West High School, Madison
Senior Group Documentaries
National Finalists:
Bethany Kersten
Lacey Witek
Keiryn Weiss
Emily Haines
The Redhead that Changed American Women and Television Southwest High School, Green Bay

National Finalists:
Maggie Gentine
Anna Mancl

The Chinese Cultural Revolution: Mao's Decimation of Filial Piety North High School, Sheboygan
1st Honorable Mention:
Timm Doelle
Cynthia Lupton
Stonewall: The Turning Point that Sparked the Gay Revolution Cochrane-Fountain City Schools
2nd Honorable Mention:
Erik Kernozek
Morgan Klaeser
The Rise of Capitalism in America La Crosse Central High School, La Crosse
Junior Individual Websites

National Finalist:
Lucas Voichick

Pearl Harbor: The Attack that Changed the World EAGLE School, Madison

National Finalist:
Lily Crum

Clarence Birdseye: Defrosting the History of Frozen Food Lincoln Middle School, La Crosse

1st Honorable Mention:
Susannah Karron

The Handshake that Opened the Classroom Whitefish Bay Middle School, Whitefish Bay

2nd Honorable Mention:
Thomas Carlson

Apollo 11 Holmen Middle School, Holmen
Junior Group Websites

National Finalists:
Cole Wesolowski
Tommy Monfre

Wright Brothers: Fathers of Flight Bay View Middle School, Green Bay

National Finalists:
Abigail Wendland
Noel Schmitz

The Great Fire of London Cashton Middle School, Cashton

1st Honorable Mention:
Jamie Gray
Noel Tautges

The Silicon Transistor: The Power Behind Our Technology EAGLE School, Madison

2nd Honorable Mention:
Anna Madison
Carrie Kemmet

Iranian Hostage Crisis South Middle School, Eau Claire
Senior Individual Websites

National Finalist:
Jubilee Hou

H.H. Bennett: The "Snapper" Nicolet High School, Glendale

National Finalist:
Manlu Liu

Phoenix Rising from the Ashes: The 1871 Chicago Fire and the Great Rebuilding West High School, Madison

1st Honorable Mention:
Fiona Adams

Operation Magic: How Cryptanalysis Turned the Tide West High School, Madison

2nd Honorable Mention:
Claudette Beane

The Manhattan Project: Unleashing the Unknown North High School, Sheboygan
Senior Group Websites
National Finalists:
Madeline Brighouse-Glueck
Sara Triggs
The Father of Social Security West High School, Madison

National Finalists:
Travis Winger
Caleigh Judd

The Second Battle of Ypres Whitewater High School, Whitewater
1st Honorable Mention:
Alex Hopp
Brett Pokrzywinski
The Black Death North High School, Sheboygan
2nd Honorable Mention:
Austin Handy
Jaicee Bowman
The Atom Bomb Ending WWII Grantsburg High School, Grantsburg

Kurtzman Environmental History Award

Junior Division:
Charlie Fischer (JR Gerritts Middle School, Kimberly)
Wash Your Spirit Clean: The Camping Trip that Changed the Nation
Senior Division:
Connor Wood (West High School, Madison)
For Resort or Recreation: The Origins and Creation of Yosemite National Park and the Conservation Movement

WI Society of Mayflower Descendants Award for Early American History

Junior Division:
Megan Ninemann (D.C. Everest Junior High School, Schofield)
Harriet Tubman: Turning Around Slavery and the Rights of African Americans
Senior Division:
Sydney O'Hare (Nicolet High School, Glendale)
Elizabeth Burgin: The Lost Patriot

Robert and Carroll Heideman Award for Outstanding Archival Research

Junior Division:
Skylar Danhoff (Lincoln Middle School, La Crosse)
Pearl McGill: An Unlikely Ally and Activist in the Turning Point of Muscatine's Button Industry
Senior Division:
Michelle Kelly (North High School, Sheboygan)
A Royal Divorce Creates a Religious Revolution

American Labor History Award

Junior Division:
Quinn Daane, (Kohler Middle School, Kohler)
Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire: Tragic Event Creates Positive Outcomes
Senior Division:
Tess McAllister, Grace Montgomery (West High School, Madison)
The Bay View Tragedy

Wisconsin Council for Local History Award

Junior Division:
Randi Defo, Nellie Barri, Savannah Krisik, Cora Baxter (Bayfield Middle School, Bayfield)
La Pointe: Treaty of 1854
Senior Division:
Pa Mao Yang, Pa Zong Vang (Onalaska High School, Onalaska)
A New Beginning: The Hmong Immigration to La Crosse, WI

John C. Geilfuss Award for Wisconsin History

Junior Division:
Aja Backstrom (South Middle School, Eau Claire)
The Voigt Decision: Justice for the Ojibwe
Senior Division:
Robert Paerk, Danny Cannavo, Nicole Feider (Random Lake High School, Random Lake)
H.H. Bennett: Making Wisconsin Dells Famous... One Picture at a Time

American Military History Award

Junior Division:
Kathryn Curtin, Rhiana Pochman, Kathryn Curtin, Rhiana Pochman (Grantsburg Middle School, Grantsburg)
Gettysburg: A Step Towards One United Nation
Senior Division:
Katie Soberg, Jonathan Mielke, Dylan Ford (Prescott High School, Prescott)
Sherman's March

Women in History Award

Junior Division:
Erin Magoon (Templeton Middle School, Templeton)
Elizabeth Blackwell: A Woman Doctor?
Senior Division:
Angela Wolter (Germantown High School, Germantown)
Betty Friedan's the Feminine Mystique and How it Affected White, Middle Class American Women
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