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National History Day in Wisconsin banner.

Judge Information

Thank you for volunteering for a National History Day in Wisconsin competition! These events would be impossible without the assistance of our dedicated volunteers!


Event Information

Your event coordinator will provide specific logistical information about the day of competition, including event locations and times and the specific NHD category you will be judging. On the day of the event, the event coordinator will also provide a brief judge orientation, to familiarize you with the program and logistics of the event. In advance of the event, please review the following relevant information.


General Program Information: Please review this general information in advance of the competition.

  • The NHD Judging Process (PDF, 23KB): Learn more about the general process of evaluating NHD entries
  • NHD Theme Sheet (PDF, 347 KB): Take a closer look at the broad theme that NHD uses to guide student topic selection and analysis.
  • Sample Questions (PDF, 18KB): Get a better idea of the typical questions judges ask students at NHD competitions
  • NHD Rulebook (PDF): If you want a more detailed look at the program, please take a look at the NHD Rulebook.


Judge Instructions: Please review the judge instructions for the specific category you will be judging in advance of the competition.


If you have specific questions about the History Day event for which you are judging, please contact the event coordinator. If you have general program questions, contact the state coordinator.

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