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2003 Nationals, June 14-20, 2003

June 14, 2003

Wisconsin Is Making Maryland Home
Dorm room doors are taking on the look of our state as Wisconsin students check in and prepare themselves for a week of history. Despite a few border encroachments on the part of the Minnesota delegation involving unauthorized use of lobby furnishings, our Badger historians have begun to make the University of Maryland – College Park home. Stayed for further updates from students, teachers and parents.
Kris and Emma – National History Day in Wisconsin Coordinators Extraordinaire

Lissie is a seventh grader at Eagle
School of Madison. She completed
an individual exhibit entitled “I
Don't Need a Gun to Serve My
Country – The Rights and
Responsibilities of a Conscientious
Objector Medic in Vietnam.

The First Full Day
We left early yesterday morning to fly into the Baltimore airport and drove around D.C. Most of the time we just got lost, and three times we somehow ended up in Virginia. We spent sometime at the National Zoo (The pandas were wonderful and we saw two unusual sights; a gorilla on his back with his legs up against the wall and arms folded behind his head, and a lion on his back with his legs spread wide and his mouth open, absorbing the sun), and this morning we went to the Holocaust Museum, which was beyond words. I had a lot to think about afterwards. One new thing is that to get into the museum now you have to go through security and x-ray your baggage, even to get into the tiny café, which was in a separate building. Tonight we decorated our door and goofed around with our streamers. I look forward to the interviews and my project being displayed at the Smithsonian National Museum of Health and Medicine all summer long!
Lissie Howell-Little

June 15, 2003

The cool temperatures were a friendly greeting on Sunday morning when we began our morning tours. Emma, wearing a Wisconsin T-shirt, had displaced Badgers shouting out their hometown as we walked around D.C. In fact when one such Wisconsinite discovered why were in town he was eager to share with us that he had just become a member of WHS. Looking forward to the first issue of the magazine – he is. We greeted an almost complete Wisconsin delegation when we returned to campus in the afternoon. After a pizza party and a scavenger hunt based on the TV show The Amazing Race, the Wisconsin delegation (with students from across the state ) is truly coming together as TEAM WISCONSIN. Tomorrow, the junior division students will meet with the judges and truly shine. Number of times Emma and Kris were asked what are our project is about: 3 Kris and Emma – Isn't 4 hours of sleep the norm for State Coordinators?

Michael attends St. James School
and completed a paper entitled
“The Declaration of Independence.”
My First Day
My first day at College Park, Maryland for National History Day was great. There was a lot excitement. When I first arrived I had to register and find my dorm room. It was very confusing because there were so many people. After that all of Wisconsin people met for a pizza party. We then went to the Opening Ceremony. That was very interesting. From the moment I arrived til I went to bed, people from different states were trading pins with me. That added to the fun and excitement. People were very friendly. The first day was great and I'm sure the rest will be too.
Michael Vanderscheuren

Maggie Szarkowtiz, Natalie Fondell,
Naomi Lindsay, Becky Hirn, Liz Pophal
attend D.C. Everest High School in
Schofield Wisconsin.
Vital Things
So, yeah, we learned some vital things about D.C. and the surrounding area. 1)Caution: Metros can be tricky. Read signs, they help. And listen to the freestylers. 2) Do not look for dragonflies in the supposed “dragonfly pond.” Even if you call/sing to them softly, they will not appear. However, the remainder of the Washington, D.C. Zoo is quite exemplary. 3) (and final tip of the day) HUSTLE! Everywhere you go. You get more done that way. And make friends. They are what make this trip so memorable. Whether from Nevada (hey Tyler!) or Oklahoma (hey Arnie!) or anywhere else, everyone has a story. AND a funny accent :) Oh, it's been a good day. Talk to you all soon and remember when all else fails, you can always get a good laugh at Naomi's ankles
Maggie Szarkowtiz, Natalie Fondell, Naomi Lindsay, Becky Hirn, Liz Pophal attend D.C. Everest High School in Schofield Wisconsin.

June 16, 2003

An Intense Monday
Team Wisconsin had an intense Monday full of History Day happenings both on and off campus. Here at UM, students in the junior division presented their projects to the judges, and every one of them made us proud. Adding to the excitement, Wisconsin's own K.C. Peck, who did her project on Angelina Grimke Weld, was chosen to advance to the prestigious final round in the junior individual performance category! Congratulations to K.C. and all our juniors, who all did fantastic work! Meanwhile, our state's NHD-ers were out making the most of the DC area. Several students and teachers attended a ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery marking the first Medgar Evers Remembrance Day, while others received a private, behind-the-scenes tour of the Library of Congress. There isn't a Wisconsin foot that's not aching after all the day's activities, but we're still energized and ready for tomorrow—the seniors' turn to present!
Number of times Emma and Kris were asked what are our project is about: 4
Emma and Kris - Is it Thursday yet?

Cassie was part of a group performance
entitled " A Rich Man's War, But a
Poor Man's Fight." She attended West
Milwaukee Middle School.
The Word from Cassie
Today was still hectic! I thought yesterday was the worst of it, but it hasn't changed. I still wake up, do the shower thing, eat breakfast, go back to the dorm. I guess today was a little different. As opposed to yesterday, we performed. It was a little scary, but still well worth the wait. Also, unlike yesterday, we went swimming. Yesterday, we tried, but the $5 just wasn't worth it. The water was warm and the diving boards were fun. They had a hoop for basketball and a wading pool. We had a ton of fun. Now there were a few things the same. The lunch, the dinner, the people, those almost never change. I can't wait ‘till tomorrow, even though we didn't make it to the next round, we're still going to be here. We'll be supporting our state—GO WISCONSIN—and going into DC. It'll still be fun. I guess our stay here won't be quite as bad as I imagined it, the people are nice, and the food is good. I guess it'll be a very interesting stay. PS: Advice to anyone planning to come back: Bring BIG fans & lots of cameras.
Cassie Lucchesi

David and Peter attend Central
High School in La Crosse and
completed a group documentary
on the Palmer Raids.
Touring Washington Today
We had a great time touring Washington today. David started early with a run, while Peter enjoyed the luxury of the dorms! After a quick breakfast, we made our way into the city. We began with a walk past the White House and Eisenhower Executive building. Next, we ate, a cheap lunch in the Senate cafeteria. In the afternoon, we first toured the stately Supreme Court building—talk about imposing! On a tour of the Library of Congress we saw the grand reading room and the grandeur of the intricate mosaics. We also caught a tour of the Capitol Building. By this time, we needed a break, and we relaxed in the Botanical Gardens before heading for the spy museum for our 5 o'clock visit. The museum was awesome! We both loved the guns, tiny intelligence device, and even Bond's Aston Martin! For dinner, we wanted to escape the touristy areas, so we headed to Adam's Morgan—a vibrant, eclectic neighborhood with all sorts of ethnic restaurants. We enjoyed a delicious dinner at the Little Fountain Café, with incredible deserts! The long day left us both exhausted and we finally returned to campus a little before midnight to prepare for competition on Tuesday! David Fiocco and Peter Ruud

Sylvia and Maria teach at
Sheboygan North High School

Our first NHD - History in the Making
Our first encounter with NHD began in the Baltimore Airport with a young man approaching us asking for a Wisconsin button, a tradition here at the national event. When we arrived at the UMD-College Park campus history students eager to exchange buttons and fill us in on their projects swarmed us. It was so incredible to see students from all over the United States who were enthused about history. From a teacher's perspective, the history day workshop we attended today left us inspired, motivated and ready to try out all these new ideas in the classroom. Is it September yet? Perhaps the most unexpected and astounding event of the day was the tribute to Medgar Evers in Arlington National Cemetery. Merlie Evers and other civil rights leaders spoke on the value and importance of youth involvement in history. The event was organized by three NHD students from Illinois. As we reflect on the events of the day, we look forward to all we will see, do and learn in the days to come.
Maria Jesinski and Sylvia Nicore - Two of our amazing NHD in WI Teachers

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