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National History Day 2005 Finals

Thursday, June 16

And NHD 2005 is History!

2005 Team Wisconsin
Wisconsin really made its presence felt at this morning's state parade and award ceremony, with "cow volleyball" on the field house floor, cheeseheads of every shape and size, and group moos led by NHD interns. During the ceremony, Janet Yearous of Lancaster High School and Kate Van de Loo of Kolbe Academy Home School in Eau Claire were honored with "Outstanding State Entry" awards. We also cheered for Jessica Sielaff of Mt. Horeb High School, who ranked 13th the nation with her senior individual exhibit, "Rosie the Riveter: We Can Do It." (Janet, Kate, and Jessica have all contributed to this journal, so click on earlier days this week to learn more about their work.) The delegation is more than a little sad to leave, but it's been a fantastic week and everyone is going home with great memories. Until next year, this is Team Wisconsin signing off from College Park, Maryland! On Wisconsin!

The whole herd moo-ves to the Cole Field House for the Awards Ceremony.

Wisconsin students show their stuff during the state parade.

Everybody loves Wisconsin!

Kate Van de Loo and Janet Yearous received the outstanding state entry awards for their individual performances. Kate is in the junior division and Janet is in the senior.


As part of the delegation meeting Sunday night, students took part in a campus-wide scavenger hunt, with the junior division competing against the senior division. Students had to take pictures of landmark and people around campus. These are a few of the photos the photos they turned in.

The seniors tracked down Testudo the Terrapin, mascot of UM-College Park and rubbed his head for good luck.

Groups also had to seek out the statue of Kermit and College Park alumnus Jim Henson.

The Holy Grail of the scavenger hunt – Mr. History, Minnesota coordinator Tim Hoogland, wearing a cheesehead!

Everybody wants to be a Badger!

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