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National History Day 2008 Finals

Team Wisconsin 2008

NHD 2008 Finals
Team Wisconsin 2008

After an action-packed week, members of Team Wisconsin were excited for the results of the 2008 national competition. We met early in the morning to hand out delegation awards for team spirit, acts of kindness, door decorations, and more. The meeting also gave students a chance to reflect on the amazing week we have had in addition to their phenomenal work. Keep reading to learn more about the exciting closing ceremony!

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The Walk to the Closing Ceremony

NHD 2008 Finals

It was easy to spot the Wisconsinites as they made their way to the Cole Field House for the closing ceremony. Ben led the way with the state flag.

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State Parade

NHD 2008 Finals

Before the results were announced, students participated in a parade of states with cowbells, inflatable cows, and, of course, cheeseheads.

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State Parade

NHD 2008 Finals

Nate, Jeffrey, Paul, Adam, Amanda, and Mitchell paused for a few seconds of fame in front of the History Channel web cast cameras.

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Nate: Immigration History Prize Winner

NHD 2008 Finals

Nate's junior individual documentary, "The Chinese Exclusion Era," won the Immigration History Prize. Nate's documentary placed 5th in the final round!

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Sonya and Paul: Outstanding Wisconsin Entries

NHD 2008 Finals

Sonya, left, received the senior division Outstanding Wisconsin Entry Prize for her senior web site "The Antis: Opposition to Woman Suffrage." Sonya also placed 6th in the final round of senior web sites.

Paul, right, received the junior division Outstanding Wisconsin Entry Prize for his junior paper about the 1953 coup in Iran. Paul also placed 6th in the final round of junior papers.

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Val: Outstanding Entry Tied to a Historic Site

NHD 2008 Finals
Val, her mom and her teacher wait
to be interviewed by the History Channel!

Val won a special prize for Outstanding Entry Tied to a Historic Site. Val's exhibit about mining in Mineral Point placed 4th of all the senior individual exhibits!

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Other Highlights

NHD 2008 Finals

In addition to the previously mentioned students, we found out that several other Wisconsin entries made it to final rounds of competition: Jordan and Melissa's junior group exhibit about Hortonville and Carolyn's junior individual exhibit about Lizzie Black Kander.

Congratulations to all of our Wisconsin students for their hard work, amazing projects, positive attitudes, Wisconsin friendliness, and a wonderful week of memories of National History Day 2008!

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