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National History Day 2008 Finals

Senior Division Presentations & Junior Division Final Rounds

NHD 2008 Finals
Kevlyn and Julia, junior
group performance students,
after finishing their final round.

This morning it was the senior division's chance to share their work with the judges. Even though none of our senior division performances or documentaries moved on to the final round, we know that no matter what our senior division projects were fantastic and Team Wisconsin definitely deserves a round of applause for their hard work! After the presentations, many senior division students were able tour, relax, and spend time together as a team.

It was a busy evening for students in the junior division as well, with four Wisconsin entries presenting their performance and documentaries for the final round. The audiences were packed with supportive families, happy students, and supportive members of Team Wisconsin!

Tomorrow will be another exciting day as team Wisconsin meets with Senator Kohl and two students present their entries at museums.

-Sarah & Sarah Michele

Posted at 10:00 PM

Jim, Teacher from Random Lake

NHD 2008 Finals
Teacher Jim DeBroux, student
Anna Jensen, and her mom after Anna's
individual performance.

Greetings from Maryland,

Today was competition day for all of the senior finalists. It is always part nerves, part excitement, part thrill that it is finally over. Anna did an excellent job and many Wisconsinites came to support her. Val was excited about both her interview and her trip tomorrow to show her exhibit again at the Smithsonian Museum of Art, which we visited yesterday. What an honor to be able to put up her work with all of those great artists.

We all felt relaxed to have the first rounds done. It was a pretty quiet day for the Random Lakers as our schedule precluded much running around and we mostly stuck on campus to support the other Badgers in their first or second round of competition. I did run in quick to Union Station this afternoon to get souvenirs for the future NHD participants in the DeBroux house. Hopefully they'll forgive me for being gone during the start of summer. In some ways I wish I could see more of the runoffs while I'm out here. The junior performances and documentaries I saw tonight were fantastic. The stage presence of these 6-8th graders is truly professional. I hope everyone out there continues to embrace and support National History Day. It is truly an inspiring program for all of us, teachers, parents, and students included that proves year after year that with a little guidance and a big dose of passion and persistence our students can do the work of professional historians. Congratulations to all of the Badger national finalists.

Posted at 10:01 PM

Carolyn, Student from Madison

NHD 2008 Finals
Carolyn's exhibit on
Lizzie Black Kander.

Hiya guys!

It's Carolyn writing from over in D.C.
I miss you guys!
I'm having fun sightseeing and collecting buttons.
I hope that I'll be able to see more stuff but I'm busy napping in our dorm.
It's so unbelievably hot here- the dorms heat up like an oven.
Judging is scary but it's over now.
The student union is cool.
There are probably some pictures you can look at.
Hope you're not roasting back in Wisconsin.

Chill out!

Posted at 10:02 PM

Breanna, Michelle, McKenzie, Tori and Liz, Students from Ladysmith

NHD 2008 Finals
Ladysmith students & their teacher
Mr. Wilmot at the
WWII Memorial in D.C.

Hello from Maryland!!!

We're having a wonderful time. We arrived here on Sunday and soon became experts on the metro (Mr. Wilmot... blue line, red line or green line???). We got our first taste of campus life dining and sleeping in a dorm room, which was plenty warm.

Monday we enjoyed a morning swim, a frantic ride and run to Stamp Student Union after missing the shuttle bus and our interview (which we made just on time). The judges asked us many of the same questions they did at the state competition. We hope we placed well. In the evening we went to a dance with lots of other NHD students.

Tuesday brought a full day of sight seeing. We saw at Arlington Cemetery, the National History Museum, the Washington Monument, the WWII, Vietnam, and Lincoln Memorials. It was a day of history and lots of walking. Thanks for going with us Aunt Mary!!!

Wednesday will bring more sight seeing. Blisters and sunburns are sure to follow.

Thursday we will attend the closing ceremony and then head off to Reagan National Airport to return to Ladysmith, home sweet home!!!

Posted at 10:03 PM

Hannah, Student from Monroe

NHD 2008 Finals
Hannah's individual exhibit
about the Peace People and
Northern Ireland.

Hey Everyone in Wisconsin!!!!!! I'm having SOOO much fun in Maryland and DC, even though it's EXTREMLY hot here. Hope your not melting in Wisconsin. I miss all my friends and I cant wait to see you all (or as many people say here "y'all" lol) when I get back!!!!

In DC I really like the button trading but unfortunately I didn't get Guam.
All the interviews are over and I'm super glad!!! :D They were scary but I got through it!! :D

Overall I had a great time in Washington DC and I hope I get the opportunity to come back next year. Thank you so much to everyone who helped and supported me in the process.

P.S- Congrats to everyone on being here!!

Posted at 10:04 PM

Rebecca & Elizabeth, Students from Glendale

NHD 2008 Finals
Nicolet students,
Rebecca & Elizabeth's
exhibit about Wisconsin v Yoder.

We are having so much fun in Maryland/D.C.! Riding the metro has been a blast! The dorm is hot (really, really, REALLY hot), but fun. This is the first time we've ever really looked forward to a cold shower. We have been trading buttons with other states' participants and meeting many new people. We also decorated our dorm room door with cheeseheads on famous Wisconsinites. Also, today we toured some of the sites in Washington, D.C., including the World War II Memorial and the White House. We also had lunch in the old Post Office building. We are planning to take a tour of the Capitol building, go up the Washington Monument, visit the Holocaust Museum, and visit other monuments and memorials as well.

This year, the topic for National History Day 2008 is "Conflict & Compromise." We are excited to present our project about the court case Wisconsin v. Yoder. It is about an Amish man named Jonas Yoder (we even put a cheesehead on him) who didn't want to send his children to public high school. After going against the state of Wisconsin in both the Wisconsin Supreme Court and the U.S. Supreme Court, Yoder won the case. The Supreme Court felt that the parents' right to freedom of religion was more important than the state's interest in compulsory education.

This experience was definitely less stressful than science fair!



Posted at 10:05 PM

NHD 2008 Finals
The junior group exhibit about the
Flambeau Mine by students from Ladysmith.

Posted at 10:08 PM

NHD 2008 Finals
After months of correspondence
via email, Sarah finally gets to
meet Liz and Karis from Nebraska.
With the help of WHS archives staff,
they used many documents from WHS
collections in their web site.

Posted at 10:09 PM
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