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National History Day 2008 Finals

Team Wisconsin Visits Washington, D.C.

NHD 2008 Finals
Wisconsin National Finalists met with
Senator Kohl today to share their

Wednesday was a busy day for Team Wisconsin as the whole team hit Washington, D.C. in full force. In the afternoon, the national finalists has the chance to meet Senator Kohl to discuss their experiences with National History Day. Another storm this evening didn't dampen our spirits! Wisconsinites played cards and other games in the Team Wisconsin lounge and relaxed after a long day of sightseeing.

The national contest offered students a great opportunity to make new friends from across the state. We are proud of the way that all of our students have represented the state!

Sarah and Sarah Michele

Posted at 10:00 PM

Val, Student from Random Lake

NHD 2008 Finals
Val and her mom wait for her museum

WOW has this week gone by way to fast. On Tuesday I had my interview with the judges for my senior individual exhibit. I really think that it went really well!!! I can't wait till tomorrow to find out how well I did.

Last night on our way to the Stamp Union I saw a pair of hawks eating either a squirrel or a rabbit. It was kind of neat being able to get that close to "city hawks."

Today I went to the Smithsonian American Art Museum. I was one of the few that was picked to display my exhibit at the museum. It was very cool to be able to say that I had my work shown in the Smithsonian. I also packed up my exhibit again, after getting back from the museum, to get it back home. Ohhh boy was that a bear having to put it in the box that it came in. I then walked around campus taking pictures of turtles, squirrels, doves, and the "M". After all of that my mom and I got lost trying to find our way back to the diner. I was so glad we found it in time because it started to rain as soon as we sat down to eat.

Tomorrow should be so much fun. Its gonna be great, being able to show off our Wisconsin pride. I hope that at least one person from Wisconsin wins something, let's keep our fingers crossed that more will!!!!!!!!!!

Posted at 10:01 PM

April and Doug, Parents from Manitowoc

NHD 2008 Finals
April and Doug, parents from Manitowoc,
pose with their son, Ben after
his performance.

Hello Wisconsin,

4 days ago our son attacked DC with 6 kilts, 3 process papers, a 8 foot pike and a targe (shield). He came armed with his family's history in the battle of Bannockburn and a desire to win. He emptied his bank account, grabbed a mountain dew, and filled his sporran with Wisconsin buttons-- he was off.

Now 4 days latter the kilts are packed, the pike pole is in the dumpster, his sporran is empty. He is not taking home a trophy but he is taking home knowledge, new friends, photos and wonderful memories.

As the parents of that long haired kilt-wearing kid, we are proud and we just want all of you in Wisconsin to know.

DC, we will be back.

Posted at 10:03 PM

Deb, Parent from Green Bay

NHD 2008 Finals
Deb, second from the left, shares
breakfast with other members of
Team Wisconsin.

National History Day has been a wonderful experience. Team Wisconsin has been very supportive of each other. We have shared a lot of laughs and adventures together. I am impressed by the level of passion everyone has for their projects. I especially think it is great to hear students talking about what topics they are doing next year and how they will incorporate things they learned at the national contest. Teachers are discussing strategies for adjusting how they will incorporate NHD into their classroom next year. Parents are reflecting on how much the experience has helped their sons and daughters grow, academically and personally.

National History Day is simply a wonderful program for all who become involved. If you are peeking at this blog, wondering if you should participate in NHD, either as a student or teacher, the resounding answer I would give is YES!!!

Posted at 10:05 PM

David Aeschlimann, Alexandra Cohn and Sonya Hochkammer, Team Wisconsin Students

NHD 2008 Finals
David, Alexandra and Sonya
have made friends with Wisconsinites
from across the state.


National History Day has been awesome in allowing us to experience the wonders and glories of our nation's capitol. Although our long efforts have come to a premature end, we have still enjoyed the remainder of our trip to D.C. The fierce competition of students gave rise to a palpable excitement and sense of determination in studying history. Yay history. In our free time we were also able to enjoy intense discussions with our new history buddies! Goodbye readers of our lovely blog and good luck to our fellow Wisconsin teammates who are still in the running for a national win!!!

Posted at 10:06 PM

Rachael, Teacher from Manitowoc

NHD 2008 Finals
In addition to the competition, sightseeing
has been a big part of our
Washington, D.C. experiences.

Greetings from DC,

National History Day has been an amazing experience. I am so impressed with the level of dedication, team spirit, and enthusiasm these students, teachers, parents, and other supporters have shown. Just thinking back to last fall when they began their National History Day projects makes me so proud of how much they have grown. I can't even express it—it's so cool! This has truly been a journey.

Tomorrow is the closing ceremony and we will travel back to Wisconsin. We can't wait to share our many memories and stories. This experience has meant so much to me, to the students, to all of us here. Our group is especially excited about starting up a history club at our high school next year; the students are already thinking about next year's theme. We'll be back!

Posted at 10:08 PM

Lorie, Parent from Madison

NHD 2008 Finals
Lorie's daughter, Carolyn, and
and her new friends play
cards in the lounge.

What an exciting week! Carolyn and I have gone to the Grand Ballroom several times to admire the array of exhibits. We've been absorbed by the range of topics and creative expression. I tended to linger at the boards that taught me something I hadn't heard before. I learned about the struggle between the US and Canada over the Oregon Territory and was surprised to read that Coca Cola used to contain twice the amount of caffeine—the company cut the amount as a compromise in a court settlement. I like going by the Wisconsin projects and feel pleased and proud to be a part of the group. I hope we can come again!

Posted at 10:09 PM

Cathy, teacher from Wauwatosa

NHD 2008 Finals
Cathy visited the Jefferson Memorial for
the first time on her visit to D.C.

Hello from College Park. I am having a wonderful time here at NHD. I am SOOOOO proud of my students. Every teacher should be able to have the opportunity to watch their students shine and NHD definitely gives them that chance. It has been an honor to see my five students; Jack, Will, Jordan, John, and Henry present their projects and then answer the intense questions posed by the very interested judges. I also had the unique priviledge of seeing Laura a former student who is now in high school present her documentary which was awesome.

I had a terrific time at a teacher's workshop today at the National Archives. It was very cool to see the actual Declaration of Independence and Constitution in person. That was very inspiring. Tomorrow, I'm looking forward to visiting the FDR Memorial and the Holocaust Museum as well as a few other sites.

Congratulations to everyone who made it to nationals and especially those who went on to the finals. You are all winners in my world!

Posted at 10:10 PM
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