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National History Day 2009 Finals

Monday - Junior Division Judging

NHD 2009 Finals
Sarah and Mr. History, Minnesota
History Day coordinator.

Monday has been an exciting day for Team Wisconsin! The junior division students had their turn to share their projects with the judges. All of the junior division students represented the state well with projects on a wide variety of international, national, and local topics and many of them have shared their experiences below. One of Wisconsin's junior group documentaries, by Nate and Jeffrey, was selected to for the final round. They'll have to present their project again on Tuesday night. Congratulations to all of our students on their hard work and dedication!

Tonight the senior division students are getting a good night's rest as it's their turn to impress the judges on Tuesday. Good luck to all of them!

Sarah and Sarah Michele
Team Wisconsin Coordinators

Posted at 8:00 PM

Alicia, Student from Appleton

NHD 2009 Finals
Whitney, Alicia, and Corrie
relax in their room after completing
their performance.

How goes it over there in Appleton? It's Alicia here! We are having a great time over here in Baltimore. Tomorrow we are tagging along with some of our friends we met here to get a tour of the Capital Building.

I met someone who looks like Jenny (she made it to Nationals last year, and she had a great time). We performed our Junior Group Performance today, on Fred Astaire called Million Dollar Leg-acy, but unfortunately did not make it onto the second round. Still, we're here, and we all feel great about just making it this far.

We've been meeting lots of new friends, and so far, I am winning with the amount of buttons that we have traded with other states. Corrie and Whitney are getting really close though, I have somewhere between 30-33-35 buttons at the moment. I am working on getting Guam, and Shanghai. Mostly Shanghai though, because there is only one kid here from an international program.

The first day of the competition was awesome, we had a scavenger hunt and our team got Mr. History (from Minnesota) to wear a cheese head, and that gave us extra points (an extra 300 points). We also found a live cow; a live cow! No joke! It might not seem that surprising to you, but we are in a major city over here, and a live cow seems pretty awesome to us just to see near D.C.

Well, this is getting pretty long, so I just wanted to say hi, and to any of you kids thinking of doing National History Day next year, do it! I dare you! It will be the best experience of your life.

Posted at 8:01 PM

Cathy, Teacher from Wauwatosa

NHD 2009 Finals
Student Teddy and his dad
at the opening ceremony.

Hey Guys, this is Cathy from Wauwatosa. We are having a great time here at Nationals. I'm a middle school teacher from St. Jude School and my student Teddy is competing in the website category. This has been really exciting as it is the first year I let my students do websites. It has been a whole new world learning about this type of project. Thank goodness for the extensive rule book, since it has been consulted many times this year. I am really proud of Teddy and his project. We had a great time looking at the websites on display today on the NHD website. We also took the time to watch some of the other Wisconsin students present their documentaries and performances today. Everyone was terrific and really impressed us.

Tomorrow, my daughter and I are very excited to go and tour the US Capitol building. We can't wait!

Posted at 8:02 PM

Anne, Student from Madison

NHD 2009 Finals
Anne and Madeline eating
lunch after presenting.

Hello everyone in Wisconsin! Washington is very amazing, and it's not even that hot! I've met awesome people, from the scavenger hunt and here in the lounge (we're playing charades, it's very entertaining). The dance was tonight, and although everyone was hot and sweaty, it was still fun. The first day was the get to know D.C. tour, and the opening ceremony. Today was judging, and we were all nervous to look at the final round postings. Hope your having fun in Wisconsin!

Posted at 8:03 PM

Rose and Olivia, Students from La Crosse

NHD 2009 Finals
Rose and Olivia right
after their group performance.

Hi! We are Rose and Olivia from La Crosse. We did a group performance on Rachel Carson. We had our best performance ever today and are glad to be done! Our project began in October and we have been researching and adding on all the way up until now. We just came back from dancing all night long. We met lots of people from different states like Washington, Tennessee, and Missouri. We all agreed Wisconsin is the coolest state. Well, we're tired and our feet are sore, but this whole experience has been amazing. Tomorrow we plan to fulfill our sight seeing plans.

Hope you guys are having fun in the sun at home, I know we are! (Cheesy, I know, but I am from Wisconsin!)

Posted at 8:04 PM

Lorie, Parent from Madison

NHD 2009 Finals
Junior students Elizabeth,
Laura, and Caroline visiting
the Old Post Office Pavillion.

This morning Carolyn and I helped another junior student, Laura (Junior Individual Performance) get her props to the building where she gave her performance. I was happy that she made use of John Coray's homemade podium from four years ago when he gave an individual performance as Gaylord Nelson. I had to drive around after dropping off the props to find another parking place, so I missed Laura's performance, but I did get to a different building in time to see Madeleine's documentary on Cesar Chavez and Anne's documentary on Gaylord Nelson. In the afternoon, Carolyn had her own interview. I think she felt pretty relaxed going into it and seemed happy coming out. So it was a good day.

I walked around the Grand Ballroom tonight studying the other exhibits while the kids were at the dance. What impressive work the students have done! After a while my head swims with all the information, so I need periodic breaks to take it all in. I saw one I liked on a national "Better Baby" initiative of earlier times—an effort to improve infant mortality rates and children's health in general. I had to laugh when I got the panel that disclosed that the student's grandfather had been the prizewinner of a "Better Baby Contest." His tarnished trophy and ragged ribbon were the artifacts that prompted the student's research.

I miss Matthew and John and will be very glad to see you when I get home.

Posted at 8:05 PM

Nate, Student from Madison

NHD 2009 Finals
Nate and other documentary and
performance students wait for final
round results in the union.

Hey to everyone back in Wisconsin. It's Monday night about 10:00 PM CDT. NHD has been a load of fun this year, the 4th time around. Sunday we went on the scavenger hunt and went to the opening ceremony. I traded an extra "Skull and Cow bones" for a Guam shirt. Today, we presented at the Stamp Student Union. It went pretty well, and we're in the Final Round. We hope to do well tomorrow night at the Finals. In the meantime, we're watching The Dark Knight and bowling and eating pretzels, etc. We finally found a rock and roll station out here. Button trading is fun. The meals are pretty good (I don't recommend the French fries).

Wednesday, I'm presenting at the National Archives in DC and hope to see my cousins there. We'll probably also end up going to the Newseum and the American History Museum (hopefully) and getting this excellent ice cream somewhere downtown. I forget what it's called. Thursday is the awards ceremony, so that should be fun.

Cross your fingers!

Posted at 8:06 PM

Door Decorations

NHD 2009 Finals

Hallways in the dorm are filling up with creative door decorations to show off our state pride.

Posted at 8:07 PM

Junior Group Exhibit

NHD 2009 Finals

Mara and Martha's junior group exhibit, "Equal Education for Women: A Little Known Legacy of Susan B. Anthony."

Posted at 8:09 PM

Junior Individual Exhibit

NHD 2009 Finals

Annelise's junior individual exhibit, "Lewis Hine: Exposing a National Disgrace."

Posted at 8:10 PM

Junior Individual Exhibit

NHD 2009 Finals

Carolyn's junior individual exhibit, "Extravaganza! The Audacious Actions and Lavish Legacies of John Ringling, Circus Tycoon."

Posted at 8:11 PM

Junior Group Exhibit

NHD 2009 Finals

Briana and Nicole's junior group exhibit, "Susan B. Anthony: Failure is Impossible."

Posted at 8:12 PM
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