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National History Day 2010 Finals

Greetings from College Park!

NHD 2010 Finals
Sarah and Sarah Michele.
excited for NHD!!

They've taken cars, shuttles, trains, and planes to make it to College Park, Maryland for the 2010 National History Day National Contest. The national contest represents months of hard work and incredible scholarship on the parts of the members of Team Wisconsin 2010. We're excited to share their experiences with you!

Many members of our group arrived on campus today. Some spent time sightseeing in Washington, D.C. Everyone came back to campus for our delegation meeting, scavenger hunt, and pizza party. It was a great way for our students to meet others from around the state and country. We attended the opening ceremony as a group and listened to several speakers before adjourning to continue the fast and furious button-trading. Stay tuned for tomorrow when our junior division students report back on their interviews and presentations.

Sarah & Sarah Michele

Posted at 4:00 PM

Andrea, Teacher from Fountain City

NHD 2010 Finals

Andrea enjoys a fine
D.C. treat!

I am a NHD teacher. This is my 4th time in Washington D.C. with one of my excellent students. This year I'm with Kelly Ratz, who did an individual exhibit entitled "Lewis Hine: Crusader with a Camera." Each trip to D.C. has its unique challenges and bits of excitement. We had our flight from Eau Claire cancelled yesterday, so had to drive to Minneapolis and catch a VERY last minute flight to Cleveland that caught up with a plane to bring us to D.C. We figured that we got all of our bad luck out of the way and so far, smooth sailing! We stayed in D.C. last night and I got to see the monuments all lit up for the first time. Beautiful!

We are now in the dorms and enjoying the company of so many other people from Wisconsin. What a nice bunch! We are looking forward to setting up Kelly's exhibit and spending some time in the library tomorrow, along with some time by the pool. It is SOOO hot and humid!

Every time I come to the national contest I am reminded how wonderful my students are and how lucky I am to be part of the National History Day program in Wisconsin. I truly think that I am at my best as a teacher when I am working with kids on an NHD project. They do amazing things and constantly surprise me!

Posted at 4:01 PM

Kelly, student from Fountain City

NHD 2010 Finals
Kelly meets the University.
of Maryland mascot, Testudo!

I am a National History Day participant and have worked my way through the Regional competition, State, and now I'm at nationals! My project is about Lewis Hine, a photojournalist during the 1900's. He focused his photography on child labor, working for the National Child Labor Committee, photographing children in mines, fields, factories, etc. When I first heard about National History Day, I knew I wanted to do something about photography because I am very interested in photography and plan to minor in it when I go to college next year.

It is my first time in D.C. and it is so pretty here! Although it is extremely hot here, I am excited to go site seeing on Wednesday and see all of the monuments. My experience here so far has been a great one and I'm so happy I got the chance to come.

Posted at 4:02 PM

Jim, Teacher from Random Lake

NHD 2010 Finals
Jim & Sarah Michele enjoying
the opening ceremony.

Hello from steamy Maryland, it is hot and humid as you might expect. Luckily my friend Stephen still had a couple of box fans squirreled away in his basement from our previous trips to the DC area. That should make sleeping a bit easier. Mackenzie, Emily, Kris, Roger, Tammy and I are planning a busy day of sight-seeing and hanging out in air-conditioned Smithsonian museums for tomorrow. We can't thank all of our supporters back in Random Lake enough for helping us make it out here again. We'll be donning our Cedar Valley Cheese t-shirts for some great pics around the National Mall tomorrow. The girls are competing on Tuesday at 10:40am. Send good thoughts from home, hopefully they'll make the run-offs. If not, we'll have more sightseeing to do. Take care everyone, there will be more from the Random Lakers later.

Posted at 4:05 PM

Jordan & Nicole, Students from Holmen

NHD 2010 Finals
Putting the finishing
touches on their exhibit.

We are National History Day participants, and today while we were trading buttons, California attempted to get us to say that happy cows live in California in order to get a button! They requested that I must shout it, but I refused because everybody knows happy cows live in Wisconsin! In the end there was a really nice girl from California that allowed me just to trade a button with no catch.

Posted at 4:07 PM

Registration Begins!

NHD 2010 Finals
The National Contest officially
begins with student registration.

Posted at 4:08 PM

Welcome to D.C. Tour

NHD 2010 Finals

A portion of the Wisconsin
delegation at the Old
Post Office Pavillion.

Posted at 4:10 PM

Opening Ceremony

NHD 2010 Finals
Wisconsinites show their
NHD excitement for
2010 contest!

Posted at 4:15 PM
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