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National History Day 2010 Finals

Monday: Junior Division Presentations

NHD 2010 Finals
Ben and Sam from Onalaska
at the Opening Ceremony.

Another beautiful day in College Park, Maryland! The main highlight of today was junior division presentations for the judges. We rushed around campus, trying to see as many of Wisconsin's 16 junior division presentations and projects as possible. We were impressed – along with the judges and other spectators – with Wisconsin's fine showing in the junior division. While no results are announced in exhibit, paper, and website categories, we know that one of our junior group documentaries was selected to present in the final round. Sam and Ben, creators of the documentary "Kindertransport," will share their documentary in the junior division final round on Tuesday.

All of our students did an incredible job. We're proud to have them representing our state! Check back tomorrow to learn more about our senior division students!

Sarah and Sarah Michele

Posted at 3:37 PM

Jennifer, Parent from Eagle River

NHD 2010 Finals
Students Rebecca and Jessica
before their group performance.

Jennifer Anderson, parent from Land O' Lakes, WI. My daughters attend Northland Pines in Eagle River. They presented a junior group performance on Sesame Street.

The whole experience beginning with preparing for the district level, continuing on to state and finally preparing for nationals has been wonderful for my daughters. And into day 2 of their national experience, I can tell that this will be one of those shaping moments in their lives that we as parents hope for our children to experience. I'm looking forward to doing a bit of sight seeing in the next few days as well as seeing some of the projects that made it into the finals and experiencing the closing ceremonies.

Posted at 4:01 PM

Ben, Chloe, and Lauren, Students from Milwaukee

NHD 2010 Finals
Alexis and Ben excited to be
competing in the Jr Division competition.

Today we were interviewed and judged by a panel for our NHD exhibit and Ben's paper. We all think that it went pretty well and the judges were super nice. We ran into Dr. Roger Miller, who we interviewed for our project on Billy Mitchell, a Milwaukee native. It was really cool getting to meet him! He even gave us some air force pins for good luck and to add to our nationwide collection.

The three of us got a few more pins to add to our collection from all the states present but are still missing a few. We went to the dance later today and enjoyed it very much! Later we met up with some friends and walked back to the dorm together. It was very hot and humid today about 92 degrees.


Posted at 4:04 PM

Paul, Student from Whitewater

NHD 2010 Finals
Paul, right, and his classmates
attend the Opening Ceremony.

I wasn't sure what to expect coming to Nationals. I imagined the only exciting part being touring through DC. I imagined it being like going to camp, but more lame because parents were going to be there. I imagined that everyone here would be a bunch of nerds, focused only on winning the competition. I imagined that the whole thing was going to be all about history, history, and more history. I was incredibly wrong in all aspects.

Oddly enough D.C. was the most difficult part of my day. I walked over ten miles in the hot blazing sun. I went everywhere from the Lincoln and Vietnam Memorial, all the way to the Capital and the Library of Congress. In the capital I was able to sit in on a senatorial session. I swear I tried to stay awake, but politics is not for me.

I also found out that some of the parents are really funny. They're just as excited, if not more excited that you're here and they're here to support you. NHD also gave me a chance to bond with other kids. They're not all just nerds in fact most of them are just like me. Besides learning history, NHD teaches about relationships. You learn to work with people, even though at times you may find them irritable. You learn about being on your own and in a way, NHD teaches you about history and real life at the same time. I present tomorrow at 11:40 and I'm having mixed emotions about doing it. I want to absolutely rock it and I want everyone to at home to be proud of me. There's also a side that just wants to get over all of this because it has been a long hard journey to put together our project. I know, that whatever happens at the competition, I'll have made friends here, seen monumental works, and had experiences that I can take with me for a life time.

P.S. Mom if you're reading this don't judge on the poor grammar, sentence structure, and pretty much the whole blog.

Posted at 4:46 PM

Dar, Teacher from Eagle River

NHD 2010 Finals
Dar and the Northland Pines
students at the Opening Ceremony.

National History Day in College Park, Maryland! Where else would a teacher want to be in June? The whole experience of viewing the exhibits, watching junior group performances and visiting with the Lacko's from Eagle River has made this one great day! This is truly an experience every history buff needs to attend. The state organization to make the "first timers" comfortable in getting the most out of the trip is outstanding. Thanks Sarah and Sarah Michele! We have two days ahead of going into DC to see the Spy Museum, the monuments at night, and as many of the museums we can.

Jessica and Rebecca did an outstanding job in their junior group performance today. I am so proud that these two fine young ladies have represented Northland Pines School District so well. Great things will continue to come from these two sisters. Watch out NHD, 2011!

Please continue to support our students who are engaged in such a strong academic challenge. The memories formed at NHD Nationals are embedded in their minds forever!

Posted at 4:47 PM

Caroline and Caroline, Students from Wauwatosa

NHD 2010 Finals
The students presenting their
documentary on the impact of
CNN on news today.

Posted at 5:00 PM

Kelly, Student from Fountain City

NHD 2010 Finals
Kelly sets her exhibit up
in the Grand Ballroom on Monday.

Posted at 5:01 PM

Jordyn, Student from Schofield

NHD 2010 Finals
Jordyn's exhibit on coronary
bypass surgery.

Posted at 5:02 PM

Sarah, Student from Durand

NHD 2010 Finals
Sarah's junior individual exhibit
on Gaylord Nelson.

Posted at 5:03 PM

Nicole and Jordan, Students from Holmen

NHD 2010 Finals
The junior group exhibit from
Holmen about the first
motorized airplane.

Posted at 5:05 PM

Lauren and Chloe, Students from Milwaukee

NHD 2010 Finals
Lauren and Chloe's junior
group exhibit on Billy Mitchell.

Posted at 5:05 PM
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