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National History Day 2010 Finals

Senior Division Presentations and Junior Division Finals

NHD 2010 Finals
The members of Team Wisconsin after
a successful final round presentation.

Tuesday brought a whole new batch of great presentations from our senior division students. Their months of hard work and preparation paid off with fantastic interviews and amazing projects. Team Wisconsin was excited to find out that one of our senior individual performances, on the Great Awakening, was selected for the final round of competition. Angela, from Whitewater, will present her performance again for the judges on Wednesday morning.

This evening was also special for another reason. Team Wisconsin showed up in force to support our junior group documentary, Kindertransport, in the final around. It was an exciting day.

Junior division students did some major sightseeing today, with the most popular destination being the Newseum. Tomorrow promises to be just as entertaining. Check back to learn more!

Sarah and Sarah Michele

Posted at 3:01 PM

Dayce, Teacher from Holmen

NHD 2010 Finals
Dayce, left, and her students after their
presentation on Monday.

Today we walked around the Mall to visit all of the monuments. I was enjoying it as much this afternoon as I did the first time I came, and maybe even more – the sun was hiding behind the clouds, and the company was great! Jordan and Nicole (and their families) are so much fun. It has been amazing to watch the girls during the entire NHD experience beginning all the way back at our school event in March. They have been so enthusiastic about all of it, and being in DC seems to have amplified it all. It's like they can't help being excited by each part of the experience: meeting with the judges, walking the mall, seeing the monuments, trading buttons with kids from all over the country and beyond, getting ice cream on a late night run to Potbelly's, quietly taking in the power of the Holocaust Museum, the Vietnam Memorial, or the view from the top of the Washington Monument.

Although we do NHD with all of our 8th graders for many reasons and I have many great memories that go along with the whole process, the memories from this week will be a highlight for me. I can't imagine ever getting tired of Washington, D.C. in the presence of students who are here for the first time. It makes the whole experience so much more meaningful for me as a teacher. Their excitement becomes my excitement. Their awe and reverence become mine as well. What a great day!

Posted at 3:02 PM

Mackenzie and Emily, Students from Random Lake

NHD 2010 Finals
Emily and Mackenzie with
their performance set.

Today Emily and I performed. Although we did not make it on to finals, we enjoyed the experience. After our performance, we took the metro to D.C. and went to the Newseum for the second day to finish all the 6 floors!! After we went to the Old Post Office and climbed up to the top and had an amazing view!!!! We then returned, ate dinner, and now are sitting in the air conditioned lounge.

NHD has impacted us because we now appreciate history more and realize how important it is to understand it. NHD is so much fun and such a great experience! Nationals is an amazing goal to shoot for!

We would like to thank Mr. DeBroux for all of the help and our parents for the support! W would also like to thank our sponsors for helping to get to Nationals.

NHD 2010… The Rest is History!

Posted at 3:03 PM

Ben and Sam, Students from Onalaska

NHD 2010 Finals
Ben and Sam show their
excitement about the final round.

Our names are Ben Reimler Sam Chilsen, we are from Onalaska Middle School. Our project was a documentary on the Kindertransport. Yesterday we presented our project, and later found out we made it to Finals. Tonight we presented our project, and saw a bunch of documentaries. In our opinion the Blood Banks was the best (not including ours). Just wanted to thank Dr. Wegener, Professor Darylle Clott, Mr. Hilker, and Dr. Laxova if any of you are reading. I, meaning Ben, speak for both of us when I say that National History Day has changed our lives. Last year we made it to the state competition and this year nationals. We have put a lot of hard work into our project and wish you the best of luck in your history endeavors. P.S. GO TEAM WISCONSIN!!!!!!

Posted at 3:07 PM

Taylor, Student from Cleveland

NHD 2010 Finals
Taylor waits to do her
performance for the judges.

Yesterday I did my performance on Laparoscopic Surgery. Although I did not make it to the final round, I am still very excited to be a part of NHD, especially because of all of the other great and talented kids from Wisconsin that I got to meet. I am already thinking about what I want to do for next year's competition.

Today I got to tour Washington, D.C. It was a lot of fun (and a lot of walking). There is so much to do and see. I went to the Holocaust Museum and the Old Post Office Pavilion. Both were very cool to see.

Earlier today I saw two students from Onalaska present their documentary on Kindertransport. It was amazing! Go Team Wisconsin!


Posted at 3:08 PM

Andrea, Teacher from Fountain City

NHD 2010 Finals
Kelly stands next to her
Senior Exhibit Tuesday.

Wow, these Wisconsin students are AMAZING!! Kelly did her presentation today. She did a beautiful job. We also got to see Krista from Manitowoc do her performance about Sesame Street today….also incredible! She was such a trooper to have done a great job in that heavy Oscar the Grouch suit in the heat! (Not to mention the incredible research and analysis). Finally, we got to see an incredible documentary about Kindertransport by two students from Onalaska…WOW! All I can say is that WISCONSIN HISTORY DAY ROCKS!

Posted at 3:09 PM

Kalas Family, Whitewater

NHD 2010 Finals
The Kalas Family shares
in Angela's Performance excitement.

Hi I am Susanna Elizabeth Kalas I am 7 years old. I LLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEE WASHINGTON DC. Do you? I hope you do.

Hi this is Lydia now, I am 9 years old almost 10.I'm here because my big sister is in the NHD competition. I found out today that she made it to the finals! I really hope she goes into the top 5 or10 or something! Yesterday I went to Washington D.C. It was really fun but we got really tired really often. My dad said I did the best about not whining in the heat and I'm the one in my family that gets most effected by heat. I think my favorite part was either the Washington Monument or the World War two memorial. When we got to the Washington Monument, I laid down and took a picture of the Monument and it looked really, really tall. When I looked at the top, it looked like it was going to fall over on me!! When you look at it from far away, it looks really skinny, but when we got up close, it is actually really huge! Before we leave, I hope we'll go to the Newseum and watch a movie in 4D!!!

This is Karen Kalas writing now…I'm the mom of Susanna, Lydia and Angela. Angela is the reason for our whole family being here this week, as she is competing with her performance on The Great Awakening: A Prelude to the Revolution. This has been quite an adventure!!!! I'll let Angela write about the first day of the trip later! But we have had such a great time! Some highlights: taking the kids on their first metro rides; dragging them on foot in ninety degree weather through six miles of D.C. sightseeing, encountering killer squirrels during our picnic by the reflecting pool, eating in dining halls and boring our kids with stories of our college days, and today….well, today was the episode I will never forget! On the campus, we are all getting LOTS of exercise trudging from building to building for different events.

So today was Angela's performance and we had to get all 500 pounds of her props from the car (parked FAR from the dorm) to the classroom across campus. I was so nervous that we would forget something or be late or something….I guess I jinxed it or something because here is what happened: we got there well ahead of time and were basically just ready (we thought ) and waiting when, just twenty five minutes before her performance I discovered to my horror that the copies of her bibliography and process paper (necessary to give to the judges before the performance) were not in the box of props but BACK AT THE DORM!!!!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Fortunately, Angela was in the bathroom changing….Mr. Stewart (Angela's teacher) covered for me…..David (her dad) hustled as fast as he could across campus and back while I went to the bathroom and prayed that he would make it in time!!! I felt HORRIBLE and sooo scared that this mistake of mine would cost her the chance at moving on!! I hid out away from Angela—the look on my face would betray my big mistake—and I cannot begin to describe the relief I felt when David (always the calm one) came heroically in with the papers in hand just minutes before they called her performance. I then experienced post traumatic stress syndrome after almost ROYALLY screwing up my daughter's NHD experience! Am I ever thankful for the happy ending instead!!!! All's well that ends well…..

Posted at 3:10 PM

Sahitya, Student from Mequon

NHD 2010 Finals
Sahitya and her family
after her documentary

Posted at 4:13 PM

Jake, Student from Durand

NHD 2010 Finals
Jake, pictured with his family
did a Senior Individual
Documentary titled, Broadcast Technology.

Posted at 4:20 PM

Caitlin, Student from Mequon

NHD 2010 Finals
Caitlin discussed her exhibit
today with judges. Here she is
with her mom and aunt.

Posted at 4:50 PM

Chamila and Kelsey, Students from Mequon

NHD 2010 Finals
Senior Group Documentary students
presenting their project on H.H. Bennett.

Posted at 4:55 PM
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