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National History Day 2010 Finals

Wednesday: Senior Division Finals and Washington, D.C.

NHD 2010 Finals
The Wisconsin delegation
visits Senator Feingold.

Wednesday was the last big day of competition for students at the national contest, with senior division finals in the morning. Angela performed her Senior Individual Performance on the Great Awakening. A great representation of our state! Many members of Team Wisconsin spent their day in Washington, D.C. In addition to visiting museums and national monuments, we had a special visit with Senator Feingold. It was good to be able to share our students' scholarship and achievements with other Wisconsinites.

This evening has seen a lot of excitement in the Team Wisconsin dorm lounge with many games, songs, dances, and sit-up competitions. Students have really connected with others from across the state and country. Tomorrow will be an exciting day as we will attend the awards ceremony and state parade. Tune back in tomorrow to hear more!

Sarah and Sarah Michele

Posted at 4:00 PM

Cathy, Teacher from Wauwatosa

NHD 2010 Finals
Cathy and the national finalists
from her school.

NHD Nationals has been a wonderful experience for my students and families. I have been really proud of all three of my students as they were wonderful presenting their projects. They were so enthusiastic and confident and even seemed to be having fun. We were busy on Monday watching them doing "their thing." Then we have all been busy on Tuesday and Wednesday touring Washington DC. While we have gone our separate ways during these two days, we have still managed to meet up with each other at different times and places.

Yesterday we were at Arlington National Cemetery at the same time as two of my families. Today we all were very pleased to meet with Sen. Feingold. It was a great experience for the students to be able to talk to our Senator and take a photo with him. As a middle school teacher, I think National History Day is a wonderful program because all of my students can find a way to research their favorite topic and have an opportunity to shine. It gives students a chance to develop and hone so many skills that will be valuable in whatever careers they choose. One of the coolest things about NHD is that students won't even be aware of all the valuable things they have learned for many years.

Posted at 4:01 PM

Elizabeth, NHD Veteran from West Allis

NHD 2010 Finals
Elizabeth and Sarah Michele
tour D.C. and stop
at the Supreme Court.

As the teacher's daughter I've come to NHD Nationals three times. Every time is a wonderful experience, and I learn so much. I would love to have had the chance to participate in NHD, but it has never been offered at my school. Three students from my mom's school have come, and they have done a marvelous job.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we toured Washington DC. We went to Arlington, an experience I will never forget. Later, we went to Mt. Vernon, probably my favorite part of the trip since Washington is my favorite president. I truly loved that I could see where Washington lived, and get a grasp of how life was like for him and his family.
Wednesday, we traveled to the Newseum, I've always been fascinated by the printing press, and the innovation of the newspaper and magazines. I would highly recommend it. Then, meeting Sen. Feingold, I always love meeting the Senators and seeing how important social studies and history are important to them. Last, we saw the Thomas Jefferson building of the Library of Congress. I always love the architecture, paintings, and the amount of books there. The building is still breathtaking, and still stunning.

I truly love National History Day, and things would be very boring without it in my life. I am still sad that my school never offered that to me, but am so pleased that I've been given these opportunities. It truly is a wonderful experience, and I hope it is around for a very long time.

Posted at 4:05 PM

Greg, Teacher from Whitewater

NHD 2010 Finals
Greg's students Paul
and Andrew performing.

There were a few goals entering this week at National History Day. Probably the one goal that people find as odd was trying to meet Brian Lamb of C-Span fame. I am a C-Span junkie who constantly watches Q & A, Prime Minister's Questions and the first 15 minutes of Washington Journal. Getting into the building would be comparable to getting a golden ticket in the film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I am outside the C-Span doors and having noticed the doors were locked I tried calling the office. The person on the other end of the line was stunned to hear of my interest in seeing the building. The operator informed me that the doors were locked and they would not let people into the studio. While sad about the outcome I will still keep the dream alive!

The other goal was to have our students perform at our very best and enjoy the experience of seeing new places and meeting new people. Our American Civilization staff is excited for our students competing in this competition. Andy, Paul, and Angela have handled themselves with class and it has been a pleasure and honor watching them perform at NHD. We found out tonight that Angela will advance to the finals .This will mark the first time a student from Whitewater High School has advanced to the finals in the individual historical performance category.

Finally, I really wanted to get an opportunity to see the other Wisconsin student's exhibits, documentaries, and performances. The students from Onalaska Middle School absolutely blew me away with their documentary entitled "Kindertransport". These kids conveyed their love of telling this important story. I have been amazed at all of their work! On Wisconsin!!

Posted at 4:07 PM

Angela, Student from Whitewater

NHD 2010 Finals
Angela prepares for her
Senior Individual Performance.

I don't exactly know where to start because this week has been filled with sooo many awesome experiences!!! I can't believe it is coming to a close! I loved the site-seeing in Washington D.C. the first day I was here! It was a lot of walking, in very HOT weather but it was worth it! I think the craziest thing that happened to us while we were there was when we had our picnic. We sat down near the WW11 memorial and started eating when all of a sudden this squirrel came right up to us. At first we thought it was cute but then it started lunging at us. We screamed and started getting away from the crazy squirrel. We decided to sit in a different spot but guess what happened? We got attacked by another squirrel! They are really not afraid of humans, but we were sure afraid of them!

The next night we (Andy, Paul, and I) were going to go to the NHD dance. When we were about half way there…it started pouring rain! We thought about turning back but decided to just keep going. Since we arrived about an hour after the dance already began everyone else was dry and here we were dripping wet! Everyone looked at us weird because they didn't know it was raining out. We decided to leave and we went and played in the rain instead.

Today I thought it was very cool to meet the Senator! After that my friends and I walked to the Union Station and did some major shopping! The bad thing was we ran out of money, had no parents with us, and were getting VERY hungry! We felt somewhat stranded but all in all it was an amazing last day in DC!!!

Posted at 4:15 PM

Ashley, student from Necedah

NHD 2010 Finals
The students and teacher from
Necedah came to show their
Senior Group Exhibit.

This whole experience was so much fun! We're so lucky to have the people back home support us, our judges, and the help of our families. Our favorite part of this trip was being able to go to the White House, seeing different projects, and meeting new people. Once again, thank you so much to those who support and participate in NHD. This is a once in a life time experience that means so much.

Posted at 4:30 PM

Senior Group Exhibit

NHD 2010 Finals
Senior Group Exhibit from Necedah
on the Bessemer Process.

Posted at 4:48 PM

Senior Group Exhibit

NHD 2010 Finals
Senior Group Exhibit from Durand
on the Wisconsin Milking Industry.

Posted at 4:55 PM
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