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School Events

Starting a school History Day event can raise student, parent, and administrator awareness and excitement for history and the NHD program. It will give students an opportunity to experience History Day rules and judging while on familiar ground, and also provide them with feedback and time necessary to improve entries for the regional event. A school event is an excellent way to show the school in a positive manner and demonstrate student achievement.

These events range from small exhibitions within individual classrooms to school-wide or district-wide History Day events. The goal of each of these events is to provide recognition for the work of all participating students and to select the finalists eligible to participate at the regional event. The number of regional finalists that you may select is determined by your regional coordinator. Typically, four to five entries in each category are able to advance from each school. Categories are divided by age division, project type, and group type (e.g. “senior individual exhibit”), so quite a few entries will be eligible to progress. If you have not yet been informed of your region's entry limit, you can contact your regional coordinator to find out what the limit will be. Regional coordinator contact information can be found here.

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