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National History Day in Wisconsin banner.

Volunteers & Judges

Volunteer and Judging Opportunities
Judges and volunteers are needed at all levels of History Day competition. Judges - historians, educators, and other specialists - evaluate the students' entries and provide both the positive and the constructive feedback that is essential to the learning process. Volunteers are critical to maintaining a smoothly running event. They help with registration, room monitoring, and other assorted duties. If you are interested in volunteering for a regional or the state event, check the dates and contact the contest coordinator.

Interesting in helping? Sign up online.


Information for Judges

Take a look at specific information about the National History Day program for event judges online.


Mentorships and Internships
History Day students learn through hands-on experience. Mentoring and internships help provide this type of positive learning experience. If you are interested in these opportunities, contact the state coordinator.

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