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National History Day in Wisconsin banner.

Wisconsin Topic Ideas

The National History Day program doesn't have any requirements or give you any advantage in choosing a Wisconsin topic. Wisconsin history, however, is full of great ideas for your History Day project. It is easy to overlook the history right around us, but your National History Day project can help you to find these amazing local stories that helped shape your history! Armed with local resources and strong research, you can become an authority on your topic and your project could be more competitive than a topic that many other students across the state or nation could choose.

  • Resources: If you choose a topic based on the state or city in which you live, there may be more resources available to you than if you had selected a more national topic. This is especially evident in the availability of primary sources (such as newspaper articles, photos, or letters) which will provide a strong foundation for your project and are easily accessible through state resources and research outlets.
  • Local Connections: You may be surprised to find out that an influential individual from Wisconsin lived in your own community, and perhaps helped shape the way you live today. This personal connection may help you throughout the project as you learn more about your home and the ties to your own life.

A Warning for Researchers

In this PDF is a very GENERAL list of topic ideas for you to consider. This list is by no means complete or exhaustive of Wisconsin history. There are many, many more fantastic topics to consider!

  • These topics are NOT THEME SPECIFIC. You will need to take a closer look at each potential topic and consider how it fits with the annual theme. This is a general list. All the topics listed in this book WILL NOT fit the annual theme.
  • Selecting a topic from this list does not guarantee a WINNING PROJECT. Selecting a topic is just the first step. You will need to follow through with good research, a strong argument, and a clear presentation.
  • Selecting a topic from this list isn't the final step. Many of these topics need to be further NARROWED in order for them to be a suitable History Day project.
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