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Civil War Draft in Wisconsin

Wisconsin and the Civil War

Traditionally little is said about the 1862 Civil War militia draft. The struggles, opposition, and in some cases, violence that occurred in Wisconsin provide a wonderful local addition to your current Civil War unit. The primary source-based activities in this section will engage secondary-level students in doing the work of history while fulfilling Wisconsin Model Academic Standards.

The lesson plan and supporting materials, including the primary source documents are available in pdf format. By using Adobe Reader, you can easily download, view, and print selected sources for your class. If you do not have this tool, you can receive it free of charge from the Adobe web site.

You can choose to:

  • Download the entire package of materials for this component,
  • Download the lesson plan and get necessary documents and worksheets from attachments embedded within the lesson plan, or
  • Download the lesson plan now and come back to this page later for the documents you wish.

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