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An excerpt from Letters From the Front, 1898-1945 Voices of the Wisconsin Past

Edited by Michael E. Stevens

North Africa, 1943

Dear Roy, Mac, Don, et al,

. . .I've had a very interesting little trip and I could sire write some damn fine P-1 Sunday features, but alas, this must go through the censor. Right now I'm holed up in Africa (where I cannot say) and am a busy little boy. My duties (I'm not allowed to describe them) are fascinating. The food--I can't describe that either. But the weather is wonderful. No more of that English raw rain. I gladly gave up the luxuries of RAF life for a bit of sunshine.
     I've seen most of Britain and threw away a lot of cold cash in London. I also had a fine trip to "the Rock" [of Gibraltar]. I'll tell you all about it before to long--I hope. I miss my wife, but that's only natural, isn't it? My physical condition is excellent. And my financial condition, I fear, is static since "there ain't no promotion this side of the ocean" unless one is damn lucky which I'm not. . . .

Love and kisses,

Other letters from Roy F. Bergengren, Jr. to Don Anderson and other co-workers at the Wisconsin State Journal:

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