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An excerpt from Letters From the Front, 1898-1945 Voices of the Wisconsin Past

Edited by Michael E. Stevens

Italy, November 24, 1943

Dear Don,

. . .This will be my second Christmas overseas and I think I'm well qualified to report that the Yank, 1943 version, is doing a good job in upholding the traditions of his father and his grandfather and all who came before him. His few weaknesses are a source of pride rather than otherwise. He occasionally gets drunk, but that's because he loves his home an family and is terrifically lonely for both. He's slow to anger, but when he does get mad, he fights like hell. He's quick to forgive--the pictures of him giving his candy ration to Italian kids is not a publicity gag. Sometimes he gets cheated, but it's because he has a deep faith in human nature. I think he's the best there is. 
     We could have done very nicely without this war, but I do think it has given us a new sense of values which will go a long way in cancelling any future war. We'll come out of it a stronger than ever and with a revitalized conception of man's brotherhood to man which is, after all, what Christmas is all about. Next Christmas we overseas will demonstrate personally--at home.


Other letters from Roy F. Bergengren, Jr. to Don Anderson and other co-workers at the Wisconsin State Journal:

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