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Wisconsin World War II Stories

The Home Front

Author: Victoria Zuleger Straughn

The fourth video in this series and these lesson plans recount the varied stories of the home front experience. Although textbooks generally include this previously understudied subject, too often the focus is quite narrow, leaving students with an incomplete picture of home front society. In contrast, Wisconsin WW II Stories: Home Front offers a wider history, incorporating both traditional and new themes. Lesson plans included in this package include:

  • Lesson 1 - Wartime Employment and Production
  • Lesson 2 - The Media
  • Lesson 3 - Parents and Children in War
  • Lesson 4 - Discrimination, Relocation, and Prisoners or War

These lesson plans are designed to be used with Wisconsin World War II Stories: Part IV: Home Front, a video series created by Wisconsin Public Television and the Wisconsin Historical Society, in association with the Wisconsin Dept. of Veterans Affairs. The lessons in this part of Wisconsin World War II Stories span interest areas and levels. They include geography, technology, and human interest studies, and draw upon a wide array of social studies skills. Information on the series can be found at:

You can choose to:

  • Download the entire package of materials for this component,
  • Download the lesson plan and get necessary documents and worksheets from attachments embedded within the lesson plan, or
  • Download the lesson plan now and come back to this page later for the documents you need.

Entire WWII: The Home Front Package of Materials (PDF, 4MB)
WWII: The Home Front Lesson Plan Only (PDF, 564KB)
Columbus, Wisconsin Prisoner of War Camp Photos (PDF, 1.5MB)
Waupun, Wisconsin Prisoner of War Camp Photos ((PDF, 2.2MB)

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