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Interweaving Wisconsin Studies: A Curriculum Guide

This recently revised curriculum guide aligns instructional resources with The Wisconsin Model Academic Standards. The original writing group was composed of fifteen 4th grade instructors from the Madison Metropolitan School District. Consultation and support was generously provided by The State Historical Society of Wisconsin - Office of School Services. Historical eras are presented with content foci, appropriate resources, relevant standards for 4th and 8th grades, and a list of all supplemental materials referenced. This is a work in progress and should grow with the knowledge of additional resources and the readers' passion and creativity for making additional connection with the content identified within the standards.

View the Curriculum Guide (PDF, 428KB)
View a description of the Ten Historical Eras and Themes (PDF, 84KB)

Assessment Materials and Answer Keys
Now available are suggested assessment tools for the major resources from the Wisconsin Historical Society and selected resources from the Wisconsin Educational Communications Board.

Assessment Materials by Society Resource

Assessment Materials by ECB Resource

Answer Keys
For Society resources, answer keys are available organized by resource

If you have any questions or suggestions for this course guide, please contact us.


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