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Wisconsin: Our State, Our Story

The New Fourth-Grade History Textbook

from the Wisconsin Historical Society Press

Textbook Inservice Webcasts

This four-part series is hosted in conjunction with the Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC).

Webcasts: Each webcast video is available on demand from YouTube. Click on the picture or title to start the webcast. If you encounter technical difficulties, please consult the YouTube general help center.

PowerPoint presentations: Each webcast has a corresponding PowerPoint 2007 presentation. Click on the "Download PowerPoint" link to access the presentation. If you encounter technical difficulties, consider downloading the free PowerPoint Viewer 2007 from the Microsoft website. You may also consult the WEA Acadaemy website in order to request the presentations in an alternate format.

Link to Video - Part 1
Link to Video - Part 2
  • Part 2: Student Textbook
    (20 minutes 2 seconds)

    Get an overview of the "Wisconsin: Our State, Our Story" history textbook. Become familiar with the scope and standard components you'll find in each chapter. See an excerpt of "Chapter 3, Wisconsin's First People."

    Presenter: Kori Oberle, co-author

    Download PowerPoint for Part 2

Link to Video - Part 3
  • Part 3: Teacher's Edition
    (16 minutes 11 seconds)

    See how the Teacher's Edition of the "Wisconsin: Our State, Our Story" history textbook has been designed to provide you straightforward and visually relevant information that aligns perfectly with the textbook.

    Presenter: Bobbie Malone, co-author

    Download PowerPoint for Part 3

Link to Video - Part 4
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