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On This Day in Wisconsin History

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On This Day: April 18

1818 - Wisconsin Becomes Part of Michigan Territory
On this date, the land encompassing current-day Wisconsin was made part of the Michigan Territory, representing one step in Wisconsin's path to statehood. Wisconsin was a part of the Northwest Territory from July 13, 1787-May 11, 1800; the Indiana Territory from May1800-February 3, 1809; and the Illinois Territory from February 3, 1809-April 18, 1818. The Territory of Wisconsin was formed July 4, 1836.

1864 - (Civil War) Battle of Poison Spring, Arkansas
The Battle of Poison Spring was fought in Ouachita County, Arkansas, during the Camden Expedition. A Union foraging party was returning to headquarters in Camden, Arkansas, with 198 wagons of corn, when it was attacked and captured by Confederate troops. The 9th, 27th and 28th Wisconsin Infantry regiments took part in this engagement.

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