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Brewing and breweries

Images of beer and brewing around Wisconsin

John Gund Bottling Department John Gund Bottling Department

Mitchell's Brewery workers, posed in front of stacked beer barrels. Pictured (2nd row, far right) is Louis Schreiber (1861-1923) who immigrated to Wisconsin from Bavaria at age 18. Schreiber was a union president in the 1920s. This brewery closed sometime after 1920 over a strike. La Crosse, Wisconsin.
Hausmann Brewery Bar Hausmann Brewery Bar

Hausmann Brewery Bar, Madison 1895-- Interior view of the Hausmann Brewery Bar. A sign behind the bar reads: "No intoxicating drinks sold to minors". Patrons and bartender are all men with spitoons on the floor.
Fauerbach's Brewery Sign Fauerbach's Brewery Sign

Fauerbach Brewery sign, 1884-- A sign for Fauerbach's Brewery depicting a young woman and the brewery. It was Madison's first brewery in 1848 and run by Peter Sprecher until bought by Peter Fauerbach in 1868.
Blatz Brewery Blatz Brewery

Exterior of the Blatz Brewery with a large tree in front of the building.
Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company

Exterior of Schlitz Brewing Company with three men in suits and hats in the foreground.
Best's South Side Brewery Best's South Side Brewery

Capital Brewery Capital Brewery

Employees with a wagon loaded with barrels of beer in front of Hausmann's Capital Brewery at the corner of State and Gorham Streets. In the 1870s, Capital Brewery was the largest of five German owned and run Madison breweries.
Fauerbach Brewing Co. Fauerbach Brewing Co.

Fauerbach Brewing Company, located at 651-653 Williamson Street. There are automobiles parked on the street in front of the business, June 27, 1934.
Fauerbach Brewing Company Vat  Room Fauerbach Brewing Company Vat Room

Five large wooden vats and two ladders in the Fauerbach Brewing Company second floor vat room, May 31, 1934.
Fauerbach Brewery Fauerbach Brewery

Front entrance of Fauerbach Brewery Building, 653 Williamson St., August 12, 1931.
Leinenkugel Brewery Leinenkugel Brewery

Leinenkugel Brewery, Chippewa Falls 1895-- A view of the buildings and grounds of the Leinenkugel Brewery with beer wagons.
Cassville Brewery Cassville Brewery

Cassville Brewery, 1900-- View of the brewery dwarfed by the overhead bluffs. There is a small house in the lower left of the image. Smoke is visible in the lower right of the image. There are men standing in front of the brewery, and a footbridge in the bottom center of the image.
Garden City Brewery Garden City Brewery

Mineral Point Brewery 1860-- Exterior view of a brewery. A man stands in a window and there is a man on horseback in front of the building.
Potosi Brewery Employees Potosi Brewery Employees

Brewery employees, many of them from the Schumacher family, pose with barrels outside the brewery around 1900.
Haertel Brewery Haertel Brewery

Haertel Brewery, Portage 1880-- Exterior view of the Haertel Brewery which later became the Eulberg Brewery.
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