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Turning Points Features

"Buying the farm" takes on a whole new meaning

Settling in Sawyer County was made all that much easier with "made-to-order" farms from the Wisconsin Colonization Company. Each farm came with land, a barn, and your choice of 4 attractive home styles. No farm could be complete without some barnyard animals, so even the animals were included! One cow, 2 pigs, and 6 chickens, plus a set of tools and seeds to get you started. In the wake of the 19th-century logging boom in Northern Wisconsin, local promoters and settlers alike saw an opportunity to create a world of small-scale farms and self-sufficient communities. Unfortunately, the region was apparently better suited to growing trees than crops, and farmers struggled for decades. But for a few years anyway, promoters like those of the Wisconsin Colonization Company put forth a grand vision of community and prosperity for Northern Wisconsin.

Posted July 22, 2005
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