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Finally! Relief from those embarrassing holes...

Long before the advent of nylon pantyhose in 1938, Milwaukee's own Holeproof Hosiery was producing high-quality, light, and durable silk-blend hosiery for fashionable women and men. Company founder Carl Freschl took hosiery to high art, experimenting for years before hitting upon just the right blend of fibers and intricate knitting technique to make "Holeproof a household word throughout the world." Holeproof Hosiery produced a variety of styles for men, women, and children in different silk-blends and colors. The company name said it all and it was backed up by a six month hole free guarantee. Today when bare legs seem to be the order of the day, let Holeproof remind you that hosiery is "always in good taste."

Posted July 27, 2005
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