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Take some diastoid and call me in the morning

Originally developed as a nutritional supplement for infants and people with bad digestion, malted milk changed the way America ate. Pharmacist James Horlick developed his wheat and malt-based drink in London but soon moved to Racine, Wisconsin, to join his brother William. In 1873, the two formed a company to manufacture their own brand of infant food. Ten years later, the Horlicks patented a new formula enhanced with dried milk that they marketed under the name "diastoid." Although the name didn't last--the company trademarked the name "malted milk" in 1887--the drink surely did, becoming a soda fountain staple.

Despite its origin as a health food for infants and invalids, Horlick's malted milk found several unexpected markets--the most unusual probably being that of explorers like Admiral Byrd.

Posted October 21, 2005
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