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Expect the unexpected with Victor Berger...

The nation's first and only Socialist Congressman was quite the quirky character. Not one to let high office or honors change him, Victor Berger remained a "man of the people," eating pie with his fingers, wearing flashy suspenders, and even getting his nails manicured when he first went to Washington. This article reveals the man behind the movement, taking the symbol of Milwaukee socialism off his pedestal and onto the barstool.

And, in the same vein as the oft seen touristy saying, "my grandma went to [insert: fun place] and all I got was this crappy t-shirt," Berger, upon retiring from the Socialist national executive committee remarked, "I have been a member of the committee since the party was organized and all I ever got out of it was a 20 year prison sentence."

Posted November 11, 2005
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