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Printing Turning Points Documents

The electronic documents here are presented in more than a dozen different formats. Each of these formats can be displayed in dozens of different Web browsers. No single-step printing solution is available. Follow the procedures below and you should be able to capture and print pages successfully. If not, please email us. We can usually reply the same day.

Every page at Turning Points in Wisconsin History may be freely downloaded, copied, or printed for classroom or other non-profit educational use. The copyright on all these digital files, however, is reserved by the Wisconsin Historical Society and nothing may be reproduced for resale or other commercial purposes without our prior permission.

1. To print the background essays, lesson plans, and other text pages

  • Select the text you want to copy as you would in any application, by holding the left mouse button and dragging across it.
  • Choose "Edit" and "Copy" on your browser's main toolbar.
  • Minimize the browser.
  • Open your word processing application, paste in the text, and format it however you like for printing.
  • Print from your word processing application.

2. To print original documents

  • Open the document.
  • Place the cursor on the document image (on the actual photograph or article or manuscript, not on any frame around it).
  • Right-click the mouse, choose "Copy" and minimize the browser.
  • Two methods are now available:
    • open a new file in an image-processing application such as PhotoShop, Microsoft Photoeditor, or the software that came with a digital camera
    • paste the image into that new document, and resize, enhance, or crop it as you like
    • choose "file" and "print"
  • or
    • open a new word processing document
    • insert a text or image box, sizing it to take up most of the page
    • paste the image into that box
    • choose "file" and "print"

3. To print the electronic texts of original documents (when available)

  • Nearly half the pages in Turning Points include an electronic text version as well as an image version.
  • If a text version exists, you will see at the upper right of the browser a button labeled "Page & Text".
  • Click this to see the page image side by side with a text version.
  • Select and copy the text version as in step 1, above.
  • Note, however, that most of these text versions were computer-generated, have not been proofread, and so should always be checked for accuracy against the page image.

If these instructions don't work in your configuration, please email us. We can usually reply the same day.

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