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Milwaukee's former mayor speaks out against WWI

Socialism and the War [poster]

Wisconsin Socialists generally opposed American entrance into World War I, because it undermined international solidarity among workers. Wisconsin German Americans also generally opposed it because it would require them to take up arms against their brothers, cousins and friends in the old country. This poster advertises a 1917 speech by Milwaukee's former mayor, Emil Seidel, opposing American participation in the war. It was to be given in rural Theresa, Dodge County, where a large German population had lived since the 1840s.

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Creator: anonymous
Pub Data: unspecified. Advertises a speech to be given Dec. 20, 1917, in Theresa, Dodge Co., Wisconsin
Citation: Socialism and the War [poster]. Publication data unspecified; advertises a speech to be given Dec. 20, 1917, in Theresa, Dodge Co., Wisconsin. Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 4/18/2014
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