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Three new flour mills open in Superior in 1893

At the head of the lakes: Superior, the new flour city

In 1893, with help from the Edward P. Allis Company, three new flour mills opened in Superior. The harbors in Superior and Duluth, Minnesota, made the area a center for domestic and foreign trade. The mills in Superior milled flour for companies whose brands included "Wonder," "Perfecta," and "Marvel." This booklet discusses building of these new mills and grain elevators, and includes many photographs of the buildings and docks, as well as advertisements for local businesses.

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Industrialization and Urbanization
The Rise of Skilled Manufacturing
Farming and Rural Life
Creator: Edward P. Allis Company
Pub Data: Milwaukee, Wis.: The Edward P. Allis Co., 1893. (pamphlet 57-1659)
Citation: "At the head of the lakes: Superior, the new flour city." (Milwaukee, Wis.: The Edward P. Allis Co., 1893); Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 4/20/2014
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