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Carson Park Baseball Stadium in Eau Claire

Carson Park Baseball Stadium

The Carson Park Baseball Stadium has a long association with baseball in Eau Claire. Carson Park was established as a city park in 1915, one year after an heir of William Carson, a wealthy area lumberman, donated the site. In the early 1930s the success of the Eau Claire Bears, a farm team affiliated with the Chicago Cubs, encouraged Eau Claire to apply to the Works Progress Administration (WPA) to fund recreational improvements in Carson Park. The centerpiece of these projects was the simple but elegant sandstone-walled stadium, built to seat over 1500 fans. Unemployed skilled laborers were given work on the stadium through 1936 and readied the ballpark for action by early 1937. The first season of minor-league baseball at Carson Park was a resounding success. From 1937 to 1962, the Eau Claire Bears called Carson Park home, winning the Northern League pennant three times. In the early 1990s recognition of baseball legend Hank Aaron's connection to Eau Claire's baseball heritage renewed interest in Carson Park. Aaron played his first season of professional baseball with the Eau Claire Bears in 1952, where his talent was evident to local fans.

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Creator: Works Progress Administration
Pub Data: Wisconsin National Register of Historic Places.
Citation: Carson Park Baseball Stadium. Wisconsin National Register of Historic Places. Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 4/24/2014
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