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A model community takes shape in the cutover

Ojibwa Courier Press Building

Benjamin Faast, a nationally recognized leader in colonization, was the president of the Wisconsin Colonization Company. The colonization movement planned to settle immigrant farmers in northern Wisconsin's "cutover" land, areas left after the harvest of virgin white pine. The company aided settlers by purchasing 50,000 acres in Sawyer County for resale as farmland. Faast envisioned a model settlement as a company showpiece. Ojibwa, named after a local band of Chippewa Indians, was designed as that model town and was featured in advertising circulars to new settlers. Ojibwa Courier Press Building was one of five buildings constructed in the commercial district of the town.

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Pub Data: Wisconsin National Register of Historic Places.
Citation: Ojibwa Courier Press Building. Wisconsin National Register of Historic Places. Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 4/16/2014
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