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Father Goldsmith travels to parishioners in Flambeau in 1881

Reflections on Early Flambeau, Wisconsin

Father Francis X. Goldsmith, pioneer pastor of Notre Dame parish, Chippewa Falls, attended the spiritual needs of parishioners and Ojibwe Indians at Flambeau farm from 1869 to 1879. Goldsmith traveled by foot or by horseback to minister to the outlying settlements, and this account details one such journey to Flambeau in 1881.

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Early U.S. Settlement
Creator: Goldsmith, Francis X.
Pub Data: Excerpt in: The History of Chippewa County, Vol. 1. Chicago: S. J. Clarke, 1913.
Citation: Goldsmith, Francis X. The History of Chippewa County, Vol. 1. (Chicago: S. J. Clarke, 1913); Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 4/17/2014
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