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Ojibwe Place Names in Wisconsin, ca. 1890

Geographical Names in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan, Having a Chippewa origin

The author of this list, Chrysostom Verwyst (1841-1925), was a Catholic missionary among the Ojibwe in the Bayfield-Ashland area from 1882 to 1912. Verwyst became fluent in Ojibwe and after retiring spent his remaining years in the Franciscan monastery at Bayfield, where he wrote on the history and language of the Ojibwe and compiled a biography of his predecessor, Rev. Frederic Baraga. This list preserves the Ojibwe names in use in northern Wisconsin at the start of the 20th century; Verwyst also occasionally ascribed Ojibwe origins to place names that modern linguists now believe actually came from other lagnuages. It is one of several works in or about American Indian languages to be found at Turning Points in Wisconsin History. Readers should note that this is a historical document rather than a modern one; students wishing to study the language should rely on materials produced by the tribal language office.

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Creator: Verwyst, Chrysostom Adrian 1841 - 1925
Pub Data: Wisconsin Historical Collections, vol. XII (1892): 390-398.
Citation: Verwyst, Chrysostom Adrian. "Geographical Names in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan, Having a Chippewa origin." Wisconsin Historical Collections, vol. XII (1892): 390-398. Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 4/15/2014
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