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How the Depression Affected Rural Wisconsin, 1936.

Wisconsin's Human and Physical Resources: a Graphic Presentation of Conditions Affecting Rural Rehabilitation

This book presents a wealth of statistical data on how the Great Depression affected Wisconsin's rural counties. Published July 15, 1936, it uses more than 80 maps to depict the distribution of wealth, the ownership and indebtedness of farms, tax delinquency, value of farm products, percentage of the population receiving government relief, and other sociological data. Its text discusses local businesses, demographics, geography, industries, social agencies, schools, churches, and other rural institutions, and how they have been affected or are responding to the catastrophic economic downturn of the 1930s. The maps from this book will be added separately to our online map collection (coming in late 2010), where they can be viewed at higher resolution.

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Depression and Unemployment
Creator: Kirkpatrick, E.L., and Agnes M. Boynton.
Pub Data: Madison, Wis.: Research Section, Resettlement Administration, Region II, 1936. Digitized from a copy in the Wisconsin Historical Society Library, call no. WI REL.2: W5 1936 c.2
Citation: Kirkpatrick, E.L., and Agnes M. Boynton. Wisconsin's Human and Physical Resources (Madison, Wis.: Research Section, Resettlement Administration, Region II, 1936); Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 4/18/2014
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