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An activist relates how Wisconsin women won the ballot

How Wisconsin women won the ballot (1921)

On June 10, 1919, the Wisconsin Legislature passed a resolution ratifying the Federal Constitutional amendment abolishing sex as a qualification of voters. Theodora Youmans, who had been president of the Wisconsin Women's Suffrage Association 1913-1919, after Olympia Brown, recounts early events in that struggle(1846-1911) as an historian and later events (1912-1919) as an active participant.

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Related Topics: The Progressive Era
The Woman's Suffrage Movement
Creator: Youmans, Theodora Winton
Pub Data: Wisconsin Magazine of History, vol. 5 (1921): 3-32
Citation: Youmans, Theodora. "How Wisconsin Women Won the Ballot." Wisconsin Magazine of History, vol. 5 (1921): 3-32. Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 4/18/2014
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