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A Shullsberg miner looks back on 50 years in the Lead Region

Reminiscences of Early Times in the Lead Mines of Illinois and Wisconsin

The author of this 1884 series of articles in the Shullsburg newspaper, I.W. Glines, came to Wisconsin as a teenager in 1836. After describing a harrowing winter steamboat trip, he devotes many pages to an account of how lead was mined in and around Shullsburg in Lafayette County. Unlike many miners, he did not leave for California when gold was discovered there in 1849 but remained in southwestern Wisconsin and continued to mine lead. His memoir therefore contains much information on the later years of the industry as it declined in importance. The original newspaper clippings are often quite faded and browned, and the scanned images here are sometimes less legible than we would desire. But the length and detail of Glines' first-person account of Wisconsin's lead mining industry outweigh the inconvenience of occasionally difficult pages.

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Related Topics: Mining, Logging, and Agriculture
Lead Mining in Southwestern Wisconsin
Creator: Glines, I.W.
Pub Data: Pic and Gad (Shullsburg, Wis.), March 24-June 13, 1884.
Citation: Glines, I. W. "Reminiscences of Early Times in the Lead Mines of Illinois and Wisconsin" Pic and Gad (Shullsburg, Wis.), March 24-June 13, 1884. Online facsimile at:; Visited on: 4/19/2014
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